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Create a mini website from Discord Channels and Messages!
Every channel becomes a webpage with Markdown support.

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Add the bot to your server, then use "/createpage" to register a selected channel. You can use "/removepage" to deregister a channel. Once a channel is added, it should appear below!

The topic of a channel will be the title for that channel page, and the first line of each message will be the title for that section.

Registered Channels (All Servers)

(For search engine indexing purposes) - Note: Content is sourced from users Discord servers, Sineware is not responsible for the content.

  • Sineware Testing Documentation (#wiki) from "Sineware"
  • EspiDev Announcements (#announce) from "espidev's things"
  • Testy test (#boo) from "mantou’s resources and rubbish bin"
  • Sineware Community Chat (bridged with Matrix) (#general) from "Sineware"
  • Quote Book (#quote-book) from "Applian Origin Minecraft Server 2"

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