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Sineware Cloud Infrastructure

(very reliable and performant ™️)

seshpenguin (10/7/2023, 2:44:56 PM)

Meet the servers!

(from left to right)

  • Suzumiya Server (HP ProLiant ML360 G6, Xeon X5570 x2, 64GB RAM, Networked Storage)
  • Hoshino Server (HP Z600, Xeon X5570 x2, 24GB RAM, 1TB NVMe WD Blue, 240GB Kingston A400 Boot Drive)
  • Yoimiya Server (Xeon E5-2697 v2 12c24t, 128G RAM, 256G NVMe WD Blue Boot SSD, 2x 4TB WD Red Plus using ZFS)
  • Rem Server (Athon 64 4450B 1c2t, 4GB RAM)
  • Megumin Server (Pentium 4 1c2t, 4GB RAM)
  • Hayasaka Server (Raspberry Pi 4, 8GB RAM) (Hidden in photo)
  • OpenWRT Router (TP-Link ER605, ramips/mt7621, 256MB RAM) (Hidden in photo)
  • Lina Server (Mac Mini M2 8GB/256GB)
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