EspiDev Announcements

(#announce from "espidev's things")

@everyone NEW ESPIDEV YT UPLOAD <:AAA:916184957188190228> (From L. Mity's Remix Contest)

Also available on Apple Music: (Spotify+others will be rolling out in the next few days!)

@everyone and... celeste video by <@!121377996555812866>

@everyone new song with <@!494469005940359170> and <@!722065118443339858> !

(i am a judge)

do u know how to use lmms? this competition might be for you <:uwu:760532594022023228>

new profile picture by

needs vorbis

i warned u


had to be reuploaded, due to poor audio quality

@everyone youtube video is up:

im going to steal it

<@!256191401140682754>'s cover art


@everyone new song with <@!263860319313461258>!!! aaaa