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[matrix] <Justin> I'm so lazy, I just want someone to provide the script that does all the things lol. I keep putting too many things "on my plate"

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 10:11:42 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I'll be ready :D

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 10:10:57 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Expect around 6.2million questions :D

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 10:10:12 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I'll clone it when I'm back at my PC and have a poke.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 10:10:00 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Oh nice.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 10:09:51 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> the script does do some other stuff too btw, like it puts the finished rootfs into a squashfs (for immutable root and a/b updating)

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 10:08:02 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> yep

GitHub - Sineware/prolinux-2: Sineware ProLinux Build System

Sineware ProLinux Build System. Contribute to Sineware/prolinux-2 development by creating an account on GitHub.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 10:06:52 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Is the image builder publicly available where I could fork it and potentially tweak it to a Fedora layout and dnf?

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 10:05:31 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Though I've built it around Arch so it uses pacman and assumes Arch's filesystem layout and stuff

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 9:23:31 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> conceptually yea it should

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 9:22:53 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> So Seshan (seshpenguin) do you think your new OS creation tool would work with a Fedora raw image?

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 9:21:44 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I haven't had a chance to look into it, posted the issue last night before going to bed and forgot until I opened Element and got your reply :D

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 9:18:54 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Seems that might be the case.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 9:18:09 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> and i guess that broke for kf5?

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 2:15:48 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> oh interesting there seems to be no 5.27 branch of milou, so it mustve been compiling master

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 2:15:39 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> uh oh

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 2:13:59 PM)

PistachioGuy (3/25/2023, 8:38:57 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Seems latest update went Bork.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 6:53:54 AM)

[matrix] <Justin>

Sineware Cloud Services (3/25/2023, 6:53:47 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> I haven't but I like Breeze styling.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/18/2023, 11:27:21 PM)

there doesnt seem to be a widget style part of the settings

PistachioGuy (3/18/2023, 11:17:04 PM)

has anyone ever tried getting kvantum on plasma mobile?

PistachioGuy (3/18/2023, 11:16:54 PM)


PistachioGuy (3/17/2023, 7:51:04 AM)

but hey it is autosuspending

PistachioGuy (3/17/2023, 7:51:01 AM)

postmarketos still doesnt reopen plasma when it crashes and time doesnt seem to work :/

PistachioGuy (3/17/2023, 7:50:54 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ooooof

Sineware Cloud Services (3/16/2023, 3:46:00 AM)
PistachioGuy (3/15/2023, 5:00:09 PM)


PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:37:45 PM)

dam ill have to try that tommorrow

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:37:44 PM)

so it should be in 5.27.3

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:37:24 PM)

maybe a week or 2 ago?

Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:36:37 PM)


PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:36:23 PM)

when did that happen?

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:36:21 PM)

unless its already there too I havent tested normal pmos

Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:36:01 PM)

should be yea

Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:35:48 PM)

on pmos edge

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:35:39 PM)

so it should be in the next plasma update?

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:35:31 PM)

I didnt do anything special

Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:35:15 PM)

whenever it slept

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:35:10 PM)

just updates

Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:35:10 PM)

and it jsut crashed

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:35:08 PM)

cuz on pmos i tried to install suspend dependency i dont remember what it was

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:35:05 PM)

did you change anything around that or is it just updates?

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:34:52 PM)


PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:34:38 PM)

my builds

Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:34:32 PM)

on ur builds or official pm?

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:34:23 PM)


PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:34:15 PM)


Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:34:09 PM)


PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:34:07 PM)


PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:34:06 PM)

on nightly

Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:33:55 PM)

auto suspend actually started working on my pinephone at some point recently

Seshpenguin (3/14/2023, 9:33:54 PM)

but i need it to make it at least one day

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:33:53 PM)

i can charge at the end

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:33:45 PM)

i cant make the phone thru one day

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:33:41 PM)

people who daily drive lol

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:33:34 PM)

dosent auto suspend, drains battery

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:33:28 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Psht who needs suspend 😆

Sineware Cloud Services (3/14/2023, 9:33:25 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> postmarketOS

Sineware Cloud Services (3/14/2023, 9:33:14 PM)

pmos doesnt auto suspend

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:33:12 PM)

ok so what other distro should i use -_-

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:33:04 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Oh well Manjaro and stable don't really belong in the same sentence.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/14/2023, 9:32:43 PM)

this always happens on anything plasma

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:32:38 PM)

fresh install

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:32:32 PM)

im using manjaro stable lol

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:32:23 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> As for why it always dies, well probably because you're running git builds of software that generally is where most of the bugs live :D

Sineware Cloud Services (3/14/2023, 9:30:54 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Extracts file information/content from files for indexing/searching.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/14/2023, 9:30:33 PM)

what is baloo file extractor and why does it always die and do nothing?

PistachioGuy (3/14/2023, 9:29:50 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> (Context: I use git log to determine the most recent commit ID and compare with my current builds to see if I've done it to determine if it needs to be built or can be skipped)

Sineware Cloud Services (3/12/2023, 8:14:23 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> That works I found out just now from the KDE Devel channel.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/12/2023, 7:59:41 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> git log -P --author='^(?!l10n)'

Sineware Cloud Services (3/12/2023, 7:59:31 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I should probably make it do that though

Sineware Cloud Services (3/12/2023, 7:58:43 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> they don't actually

Sineware Cloud Services (3/12/2023, 7:57:56 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I just found out about git log -E --invert-grep --grep="^(GIT|SVN)_SILENT"

Sineware Cloud Services (3/12/2023, 7:12:56 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Seshan (seshpenguin): Your nightly builds ignore translation commits don't they? How do you do it?

Sineware Cloud Services (3/12/2023, 7:12:47 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Nah it wasn't in the list.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:36:16 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I would check myself but none of my phones are in a usable state cause I was testing stuff lol

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:16:34 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> was audiotube in the list of updated packages?

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:15:33 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Hmm I got all updates but no audiotube. I still don't see that three dots they talk of.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:14:47 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> oo thats nice

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:11:40 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Can't wait for the requests I made to go into apk. Sorted list in packages to upgrade.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:09:24 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Oh might have been after I did my updates. I'll check, thanks.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:07:49 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> seems to have built audiotube yesterday

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:06:23 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)>

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:06:19 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Yeah I thought so.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:04:13 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I think that should be built and in by now

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:04:05 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> huh

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:03:46 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Just looking for this in Audiotube but I can't find it

allow to play favourite, most played and playback history as a play...

Client for YouTube Music

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:02:38 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> All good.

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:02:32 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> probably will look into Qt 6 stuff next week

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:02:27 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> It's midterm exams time right now for me so 😅

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:02:09 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ah OK

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:01:42 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> They're running but still tracking KF5

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:01:33 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> So are PlaMo builds for pmOS on hold?

Sineware Cloud Services (3/10/2023, 2:00:37 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Haha that fan is so cute!

Sineware Cloud Services (3/8/2023, 7:06:42 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> WD 40: can be used to fix small raspberry pi fans 👍

Sineware Cloud Services (3/8/2023, 3:56:04 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> ima_96b3a57.jpeg

Sineware Cloud Services (3/8/2023, 3:55:38 PM)

<system> file ima_96b3a57.jpeg too big to download (1377664 > allowed size: 1000000)

Sineware Cloud Services (3/8/2023, 3:55:37 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Pi webserver ❤️

Sineware Cloud Services (3/7/2023, 1:47:58 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> (now replaced by a nvme drive which is also bigger)

Sineware Cloud Services (3/6/2023, 9:56:12 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> ^ the old ssd from the raspberry pi

Sineware Cloud Services (3/6/2023, 9:55:33 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> ima_8611eaf.jpeg

Sineware Cloud Services (3/6/2023, 9:55:27 PM)

<system> file ima_8611eaf.jpeg too big to download (3648350 > allowed size: 1000000)

Sineware Cloud Services (3/6/2023, 9:55:27 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Upgrade complete!

Sineware Cloud Services (3/6/2023, 9:54:06 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Website will be offline for a while (maybe half an hour or so) while I upgrade the disk on the web server

Sineware Cloud Services (3/6/2023, 9:30:47 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> yea I'm not gonna look into it further, since I need to work on getting plasma 6 building anyway

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:31:06 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> could be lol the plasma folks can sometimes have their eyes off the correct ball, anyway i'm gonna install the stable version 1st

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:29:34 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Also somewhat annoyingly the shell isn't starting again so maybe the mesa downgrade was a fluke???

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:20:26 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> 👍️

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:12:07 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> got it working with ssh user@

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:12:07 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> It can be kinda weird sometimes, like it doesn't work on my desktop for some reason but is fine on my pinebookpro

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:10:49 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> does the usb ethernet show up?

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:10:07 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> same error

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:09:55 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> it's now connected to pc with usb

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:09:55 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> i'm a idiot, it's a new flash from today so with the shell crash i haven't set the wifi password dum dum dum

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:09:06 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> if you plug the phone into your computer you can do ssh user@

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:09:02 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> did the phone auto connect to wifi properly?

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:08:35 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> through wifi

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:08:00 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> i'm not an ssh expert, i just use ssh [ip] and i get connection refused

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:07:49 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> through the usb networking anyway

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:07:13 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> those should have ssh running

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:06:33 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> yea

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:06:25 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> pinephone pro from

Plasma Mobile Nightly on Alpine

Nightly development builds of Plasma Mobile: packages built for Alpine Linux/postmarketOS and device images

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:06:17 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Oh if it's the pinephone images that I make, they should have sshd enabled already

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:05:22 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> ah ok, i flashed it from your page straight to sd card so i'll flash the stable version 1st thanks

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:04:47 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> If you flashed postmarketOS through pmbootstrap then the sshd service is not running by default (have to turn it on using rc-service sshd start). If you're not able to actually use the device currently, you're pretty much bricked sadly and need to reflash to stable first and then enable ssh and update to nightly (unless you have prolinuxd installed and setup, then you can use the cloud terminal)

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 1:03:49 PM)

[matrix] <robgriff444> Seshan (seshpenguin): maybe i'm being stupid but to update as you mentioned (thx btw) i would ssh into it but it tells me ports closed, is this right ie ssh not enabled? I don't have kbd btw

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 12:57:26 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Plasma Mobile Nightly is now (temporarily) tracking the 5.27 branch. In addition, there seems to be a Mesa bug (or at least a Mesa and KDE interaction bug) in Alpine edge that prevents the shell from starting, so you can downgrade Mesa using "sudo apk add ./mesa-22.2.5-r1.apk ./mesa-gbm-22.2.5-r1.apk ./mesa-egl-22.2.5-r1.apk ./mesa-dri-gallium-22.2.5-r1.apk ./mesa-gl-22.2.5-r1.apk ./mesa-gles-22.2.5-r1.apk" with the packages downloaded from

Sineware Cloud Services (3/3/2023, 2:49:55 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> yea thats probably what i'll do in the interim

Sineware Cloud Services (3/1/2023, 2:26:52 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> (for Fedora)

Sineware Cloud Services (3/1/2023, 2:26:09 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> I was able to just change my local src repos to the Plasma/5.27 branch and carry on (at least from my initial testing).

Sineware Cloud Services (3/1/2023, 2:25:52 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ewf

Sineware Cloud Services (3/1/2023, 2:25:10 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> also it seems the last successful build has a kwin bug that makes plasma not start (I think) so thats fun

Sineware Cloud Services (3/1/2023, 2:24:58 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Plasma mobile nightly builds will be not working for a while now since the plasma stuff switched to qt6

Sineware Cloud Services (3/1/2023, 2:24:28 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> True fair enough.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 9:10:42 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> They probably could... but it's very annoying to maintain that, nobody wants that pain :P

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 6:54:11 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I wonder if Alpine would ever introduce a git branch for packages, and then builds could be done directly into their repos :D

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 6:25:34 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ah awesome.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 6:16:41 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)>

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 5:00:22 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> and actually in the case of that specific kidletime commit I already had those dependencies added

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 5:00:20 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I misread your original message lol so yea basically shell and apps + frameworks (kidletime is one of them) updated apkbuilds for all those packages are pulled in each time

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 4:51:15 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> everything that's defined in here:

plasma-mobile-nightly/repo.ts at main · Sineware/plasma-mobile-nigh...

Nightly Alpine packages for Plasma Mobile from master/main and postmarketOS images. - plasma-mobile-nightly/repo.ts at main · Sineware/plasma-mobile-nightly

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 4:50:40 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ah so only plasma mobile shell and apps are built nightly?

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 4:49:23 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> i’m not specifically compiling those myself

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 11:51:41 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> once it’s compiled on their edge repository

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 11:51:29 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> For instance this commit

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 6:12:02 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Typing on maliit keyboard is not a smooth thing yet :D

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 6:09:52 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> to*

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 6:09:17 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Are changes toboa plamo packages upstream brought down to the nightl packages?

Sineware Cloud Services (2/27/2023, 6:09:15 AM)


Mantou1233 (2/27/2023, 4:22:15 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Sadly there aren't any good ones just yet. Kalendar is getting mail support put in and Devin Lin is working a new client called Raven but he's not going to use Akonadi as it's heavy and well, ugh. He's working on connecting a new backend to it.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 11:02:49 PM)

does anyone know any good email clients for plasma mobile

PistachioGuy (2/23/2023, 10:54:04 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> And it's semi "for-work" as I manage 110 roughly servers and I want my own custom built dashboard for it.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:43:18 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Yeah it's helped me learn a lot about bash, netcat, php and sql in the process.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:42:50 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> seems like a fun project

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:42:27 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> lol it's all good

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:42:22 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Anyway, sorry for the off topic :D

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:41:54 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Instead of using my bash to check that and place the string in the database.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:41:36 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Learning about if statements in the php at the moment so I want to move some of the processing of data into there so if backup_status = succeeded, then print ✅ SUCCESS

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:41:09 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I use netcat for capturing data that the servers send. I'm going to move that to php once I learn more about capturing variables.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:39:11 PM)

[matrix] <Justin>

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:38:30 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> nice

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:38:23 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Next iteration will remove netcat and sqlite will be replaced with mysql or something a bit more robust as there's a lot of info in it and lots of regular updates/queries.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:37:30 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Oh and throw in some javascript for good measure (just a snippet for auto refresh)

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:36:41 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> php, html, sqlite, bash, netcat.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:36:17 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> A mess of everything 🤣

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:35:58 PM)

[matrix] <Justin>

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:35:57 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> what are you making it in?

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:35:16 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> cool

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:35:03 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I'm over here building a dashboard for monitoring servers health.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:34:35 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Niiice!

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:33:03 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> yup

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:32:58 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Oh nice, so one can easily rebuild kwin from source on device?

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:32:15 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> highlight features include coredump viewer and the ability to recompile nightly packages against a repo link or branch

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:28:16 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> plctl command line tool now available in the prolinuxd package for plasma mobile nightly!

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:27:33 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)>

Sineware Cloud Services (2/23/2023, 9:27:09 PM)

so its not fundamentally different

PistachioGuy (2/21/2023, 9:46:28 PM)

[matrix] <Devin Lin> fairly easy, but there is a lot of code to port

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 9:28:21 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Not a clue, I don't touch code, makes my head explode. I'm a bash writing sysadmin 😀

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 8:55:45 PM)

but like in terms of how simple it is to convert from qt5 to qt6

PistachioGuy (2/21/2023, 8:49:05 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Like any toolkit I imagine, newer features, better perf, better security, less bugs.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 8:05:27 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> /me runs

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 8:00:49 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> +1

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 8:00:47 PM)

how different is qt5 from qt6

PistachioGuy (2/21/2023, 7:36:19 PM)


PistachioGuy (2/21/2023, 7:36:12 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> It's now commercial only afaiu.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 6:01:33 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Via the KDE patch collection only.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 6:01:20 PM)

does it get small updates though?

PistachioGuy (2/21/2023, 5:58:32 PM)


PistachioGuy (2/21/2023, 5:58:26 PM)

[matrix] <Devin Lin> the last major version of qt 5 was released 3 years ago

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 5:28:45 PM)

manjaro 💀

PistachioGuy (2/21/2023, 4:23:48 PM)

and qt5 isnt?

PistachioGuy (2/21/2023, 4:20:38 PM)

[matrix] <Devin Lin> can't say that "everything will be fixed", there are so many different unrelated ways things crash but at least it's more likely to since qt 6 is under active development

Sineware Cloud Services (2/21/2023, 11:34:23 AM)

so your saying the contant crashing will likelly be fixed?

PistachioGuy (2/20/2023, 11:17:17 PM)

[matrix] <Devin Lin> there are a lot of incomprehensible crashes that just end up somewhere in qt 5, hopefully can actually have a chance to be fixed in qt6

Sineware Cloud Services (2/20/2023, 10:58:13 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I would bet on it fixing some things and breaking others. Big changes like this always do.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/20/2023, 5:43:07 PM)

would the upgrade to qt6 mess stuff up on mobile?

PistachioGuy (2/20/2023, 4:44:10 PM)

like how much of the autosuspend and crashing issues are caused by qt and how many are just wayland

PistachioGuy (2/20/2023, 4:43:56 PM)

does anyone know how likelly it is that plasma 6 will break things

PistachioGuy (2/20/2023, 4:43:39 PM)

awww autosuspend doesnt work :/

PistachioGuy (2/18/2023, 8:27:32 PM)

so far not a single crash, fingers crossed

PistachioGuy (2/18/2023, 7:20:33 PM)

lets gooo 🎉

Seshpenguin (2/18/2023, 7:10:25 PM)

im not forced to use manjarno anymore

PistachioGuy (2/18/2023, 7:01:11 PM)

all the pmos specific issues ive been having (other than wifi not autoconnecting) are fixed in the new plasma update 😄

PistachioGuy (2/18/2023, 7:01:01 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Thanks!

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 7:17:11 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)>

WiFi does not autoconnect (#1049) · Issues · postmarketOS / pmaport...

Describe your issue Wifi does not connect automatically after reboot How to reproduce your...

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 7:16:19 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Removes the "permissions" line from the network manager file for the network

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 7:15:38 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)>

ocs2-prolinuxd/index.ts at a7ddc8996decf70fa277167cb41db4b5dd76ece7...

Sineware ProLinux System Daemon. Contribute to Sineware/ocs2-prolinuxd development by creating an account on GitHub.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 7:15:15 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Seshan (seshpenguin): what is the wifi fix in the prolinuxd package? I had a workaround before but forgot to document it.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 7:14:13 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> image.png

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 4:24:31 PM)

<system> file image.png too big to download (1168887 > allowed size: 1000000)

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 4:24:31 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> A basic version of ProLinuxD for Plasma Mobile Nightly is now released!

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 4:22:07 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)>

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 4:21:03 PM)

(im pretty sure pmbootstrap can export fastboot flashable images)

Seshpenguin (2/15/2023, 4:18:04 PM)

Yea I could probably add a couple of popular android devices to the image generator if people want

Seshpenguin (2/15/2023, 4:17:03 PM)

Any hope for a beryllium prebuilt image?

May113 (2/15/2023, 4:10:24 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Yeah.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:16:19 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I need to update that with a separate direct register link button

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:13:30 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> from the link on the homepage?

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:13:10 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Oh yea

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:13:03 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> PS I was just poking around and saw - it's not obvious I should hit Sign in to register.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:12:31 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> xD

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:11:02 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Mmm oh well no big deal. I'm going to go sit on the couch and watch TV after making some food. I'm done. Wrestling with Mastodon and CORS and Apache2 I'm over today :D

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:10:26 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> but yea that commit is in the builds

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:10:10 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> interesting lol

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:09:51 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Interestingly my screenshots are 1 pixel wider than my screen resolution 🤔

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:08:03 AM)

[matrix] <Justin>

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:07:25 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Mine has nothing :/

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:05:42 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> It shows 5.27.80 for me

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:05:18 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Yeah

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:05:17 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> in settings Justin

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:05:10 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Are you talking about the "KDE Plasma Version" line

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:05:04 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> As it still doesn't show for me in Information in System Settings. I thought that would fix it.

grep X-KDE-PluginInfo-Version /usr/share/wayland-sessions/plasma.desktop 
Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:03:02 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Seshan (seshpenguin): can you confirm this is in the latest build?

Change to wayland sessions file as Plamsa Mobile is wayland only (3...

Settings application for Plasma Mobile

Sineware Cloud Services (2/15/2023, 3:02:26 AM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Just updated the matrix server

Sineware Cloud Services (2/12/2023, 10:43:15 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> test2

Sineware Cloud Services (2/12/2023, 10:42:50 PM)


Seshpenguin (2/12/2023, 10:42:44 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ah

Sineware Cloud Services (2/12/2023, 7:57:50 PM)

And the surface duo project

May113 (2/12/2023, 7:54:35 PM)

The supported devices are all qualcomm based chips, so a lot of the hard parts are already taken care of cause of ARM windows laptops

Seshpenguin (2/12/2023, 7:51:28 PM)

Yea I think that’s the case

Seshpenguin (2/12/2023, 7:49:31 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Is it a just becuase they can project?

Sineware Cloud Services (2/12/2023, 5:32:28 PM)

Renegade Project

Main Page

May113 (2/12/2023, 2:00:34 PM)


May113 (2/12/2023, 2:00:11 PM)

I remember seeing the Windows 11 on phones project somewhere

Seshpenguin (2/12/2023, 1:02:19 PM)

is that a pocophone

Seshpenguin (2/12/2023, 1:01:21 PM)

nice touhou

Seshpenguin (2/12/2023, 1:01:16 PM)
May113 (2/11/2023, 11:00:53 AM)


PistachioGuy (2/8/2023, 12:03:20 AM)

ok fixed

Seshpenguin (2/8/2023, 12:02:43 AM)

bruh lol

Seshpenguin (2/8/2023, 12:01:59 AM)

<#780913370626916404> too

PistachioGuy (2/8/2023, 12:01:54 AM)

that channel is rendered on

Seshpenguin (2/7/2023, 11:59:49 PM)


Seshpenguin (2/7/2023, 11:59:32 PM)

<@121377996555812866> threads too

PistachioGuy (2/7/2023, 11:59:21 PM)


PistachioGuy (2/7/2023, 11:58:46 PM)

<@706618901995323446> oh whoops your not supposed to be able to send messages in the wiki channel lol

Seshpenguin (2/7/2023, 11:56:21 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ah nice!

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:59:59 PM)
Seshpenguin (2/6/2023, 9:59:34 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ah

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:59:26 PM)

I already have a thing like this setup on the discord

Seshpenguin (2/6/2023, 9:59:10 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> 👍️

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:59:05 PM)

Yep yep

Seshpenguin (2/6/2023, 9:58:56 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Just to make sure we're on the same page, this job would only run once, at the end of all of the packages. Not once per package.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:58:41 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Obviously it'd only run once a day but if you want to do it in another room that's fine.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:56:56 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Sure.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:56:34 PM)

Yea I can, maybe in a different room so it doesn't clutter up the main room?

Seshpenguin (2/6/2023, 9:56:26 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> It just takes a curl job to the Matrix API.

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:56:03 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Can you add a job at the end of the queue to send a notification here?

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:54:59 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ooooh nice!

Sineware Cloud Services (2/6/2023, 9:54:18 PM)

also figured out how to make distcc use all the cores so aarch64 builds are faster

Seshpenguin (2/6/2023, 9:31:55 PM)

Plasma mobile nightly builds are now up and running again (kf5 branches)

Seshpenguin (2/6/2023, 9:31:13 PM)

I’ll need to dynamically patch the pkgbuilds or something

Seshpenguin (1/19/2023, 2:18:07 AM)

Yea I noticed the builds started to fail today

Seshpenguin (1/19/2023, 2:17:24 AM)

[matrix] <Devin Lin> unless we point it at kf5 for now (every framework repo has one called kf5)

Sineware Cloud Services (1/19/2023, 1:48:42 AM)

[matrix] <Devin Lin> kf6 branching just happened so every framework is targeting qt6, all pkgbuilds probably need to be redone

Sineware Cloud Services (1/19/2023, 1:47:02 AM)

[matrix] <Devin Lin> there's going to be some big fun

Sineware Cloud Services (1/19/2023, 1:46:45 AM)

ive experienced the same issue with plasma dissapearing on manjaro... except on manjaro, it just relaunches itself after 5 seconds

PistachioGuy (1/17/2023, 11:17:29 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Oh nice!

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:31:45 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> ``` The following packages will be REMOVED: lame The following packages will be DOWNGRADED: kirigami2-libs kirigami2 kactivities-libs karchive kconfig kcoreaddons kwindowsystem kcrash kdbusaddons kglobalaccel kguiaddons ki18n kauth kcodecs kwidgetsaddons kconfigwidgets kiconthemes kitemviews kxmlgui kbookmarks kcompletion kdoctools kjobwidgets knotifications kservice solid-libs sonnet ktextwidgets kio kpackage kdeclarative kwayland plasma-framework kwallet purpose angelfish breeze-gtk attica kidletime knewstuff kirigami-addons kclock kdecoration kde-gtk-config kfilemetadata kcontacts kpeople kcalendarcore kcmutils frameworkintegration oxygen modemmanager-qt plasma-dialer plasma-phonebook kded bluez-qt bluedevil breeze libkscreen layer-shell-qt kscreen kwallet-pam kwayland-integration breeze-icons kactivities plasma-nano networkmanager-qt plasma-nm plasma-settings kactivitymanagerd kinit kdnssd syntax-highlighting kquickcharts kscreenlocker kwin kitemmodels threadweaver krunner milou qqc2-desktop-style plasma-integration plasma-workspace-libs kactivities-stats baloo kholidays knotifyconfig kparts prison ktexteditor libksysguard plasma-workspace kpty kde-cli-tools qqc2-breeze-style plasma-mobile polkit-kde-agent-1 powerdevil-libs powerdevil xdg-desktop-portal-kde qmlkonsole The following NEW packages will be installed: lame-libs


This is the diff between alpine/pmOS base repos and the nightly repo.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:31:15 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Just apk upgrade -a does it apparently.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:31:01 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I don't think Alpine has anything like that

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:11:41 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Fedora has distrosync or something.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:10:08 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Is there a way to sync with the default repos if I remove the nightly one easily?

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:10:00 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> ok

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:06:08 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Oh

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:06:04 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Unlocking goes back to black screen.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:06:04 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ah it was the lockscreen coming on.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:05:49 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> oh?

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:05:44 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Interesting, after a fewr minutes the screen just showed up.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:05:29 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> i'll look into it

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:03:19 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> fun...

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:03:16 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I thought I borked the update myself initially as I had to reboot while discover was acting up. Reimaged, updated and yeah, still fubar.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:01:46 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Unlock via ssh just shows a black screen.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:01:14 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Boots to the failed lock screen message

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:01:07 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> what happened

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:00:56 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Uh oh

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:00:54 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Last update borked hard.

Sineware Cloud Services (1/15/2023, 11:00:37 PM)

Tho ill probably save the money for a new GPU, the rx560 is getting slow

May113 (1/14/2023, 1:03:35 PM)

I could yeah

May113 (1/14/2023, 1:02:56 PM)

I guess you could buy a pcie usb card if you wanted to fix that

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 1:01:29 PM)

Yeah weird :/

May113 (1/14/2023, 1:00:18 PM)

Yeah it will just disconnect at random times and on the phone side it will freak out too, my Intel machine does it first try, same drivers and cable

May113 (1/14/2023, 1:00:10 PM)

x670 seems fine for me

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:59:14 PM)

oh thats weird

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:58:22 PM)

Happens both on win and Linux, can't flash a single phone on that machine lmao

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:57:54 PM)

One thing I don't like about Ryzen chipsets is that even my b550 board has the USB bug(?) Which makes it impossible to use fastboot

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:57:03 PM)

and I had to wait a few weeks for a new am5 bracket for the liquid cooler

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:55:30 PM)

since I bought am5 early I had some random problems like the first kit of ram I bought had a weird imcompatibility

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:55:13 PM)

am4 is still a very solid platform anyway

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:54:46 PM)

Well "just"... Just before they started selling am5 boards

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:53:06 PM)

I'd also switch but man did I feel bad since I also just upgraded my board

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:52:35 PM)

I bought an AM5 motherboard last month for my new pc

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:52:05 PM)


May113 (1/14/2023, 12:51:30 PM)

I mean't like you can't upgrade from am4 to 5 without a new motherboard

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:51:15 PM)

Yea it should

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:50:59 PM)

Tho I won't need to upgrade in a while anyways

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:50:54 PM)

They are saying am5 will live just as long as am4 did

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:50:33 PM)

Which is also the reason I'm buying that MX6, the thermals are really bad rn lol

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:48:50 PM)


Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:47:57 PM)

It's supposed to be easy enough to take it off but I'm using transistor paste as cooling solution which is really tacky

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:47:27 PM)

lol that's happened to me before too

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:46:32 PM)

This also happened with the new CPU lol

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:46:12 PM)

until am5 anyway

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:45:59 PM)

and the nice thing with Ryzen is you usually dont need to change motherboards

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:45:50 PM)


Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:44:48 PM)

Yeah, upgraded from a R5 2400G to R7 5800X and it's a massive jump honestly

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:43:32 PM)

This is still shipping tho

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:42:34 PM)

oo nice

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:42:02 PM)

Recently upgraded

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:41:42 PM)

And my printer throwing an ASSERT

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:41:15 PM)

I approve lol

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:41:10 PM)


May113 (1/14/2023, 12:41:00 PM)

lmao is that your motherboard screwed into the side of a shelf???

Seshpenguin (1/14/2023, 12:40:54 PM)
May113 (1/14/2023, 12:39:41 PM)

Very reliable

May113 (1/14/2023, 12:39:34 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> What changed in the new version that makes it usable for you?

Sineware Cloud Services (1/6/2023, 8:01:55 PM)

before i make a single password attempt

PistachioGuy (1/6/2023, 1:34:58 PM)

for 3 incorrect password attempts

PistachioGuy (1/6/2023, 1:34:52 PM)

now sometimes i get lockde out

PistachioGuy (1/6/2023, 1:34:45 PM)

ok so uh

PistachioGuy (1/6/2023, 1:34:41 PM)


Seshpenguin (1/6/2023, 11:33:05 AM)

for the most part

PistachioGuy (1/6/2023, 9:55:36 AM)

now i can finally have a phone that works for daily driver 😃

PistachioGuy (1/6/2023, 9:55:32 AM)

yayyyyyyyyyyy the new plasma is out

PistachioGuy (1/6/2023, 9:55:17 AM)
PistachioGuy (12/31/2022, 8:25:28 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Oh nice!

Sineware Cloud Services (12/31/2022, 12:28:56 AM)

First prototype of log viewer in the sineware cloud portal for plasma mobile nightly

Seshpenguin (12/31/2022, 12:28:46 AM)
Seshpenguin (12/31/2022, 12:28:28 AM)


PistachioGuy (12/29/2022, 9:13:04 PM)

[matrix] <pistachioguy> This message was also sent from my pinephone

Sineware Cloud Services (12/29/2022, 12:56:45 AM)

it works ok for basic chatting but you cant call or use the reply thing because right clicking doesnt work

PistachioGuy (12/29/2022, 12:43:15 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Nice!

Sineware Cloud Services (12/29/2022, 12:42:59 AM)

using a client called abaddon

PistachioGuy (12/29/2022, 12:42:34 AM)
PistachioGuy (12/29/2022, 12:41:49 AM)

this message was sent from my pinephone

PistachioGuy (12/29/2022, 12:37:25 AM)

hmm yea that looks simple enough

Seshpenguin (12/29/2022, 12:28:10 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> something like this might be the go, small daemon to receive messages and send as desktop alerts.

GitHub - desbma/gotify-desktop: Small Gotify daemon to send message...

Small Gotify daemon to send messages as desktop notifications - GitHub - desbma/gotify-desktop: Small Gotify daemon to send messages as desktop notifications

Sineware Cloud Services (12/29/2022, 12:27:06 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Ugh no gotify client on pmOS ☹️

Sineware Cloud Services (12/29/2022, 12:18:15 AM)

Yea i've seen some of that

Seshpenguin (12/29/2022, 12:14:01 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> And I know KDE is working on push notification stuff.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/29/2022, 12:13:40 AM)

The Discord already has a channel with build notification, I could make a Matrix room with it too...

Seshpenguin (12/29/2022, 12:13:20 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> I used to use gotify to send myself alerts.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/29/2022, 12:13:16 AM)

It's possible :P

Seshpenguin (12/29/2022, 12:12:57 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Was just thinking we could have a push notification after the nightly build completes to our phones 😄

Sineware Cloud Services (12/29/2022, 12:11:56 AM)

yayyy suspension works

PistachioGuy (12/28/2022, 10:56:01 PM)

thats a nice little bonus

PistachioGuy (12/28/2022, 8:41:17 PM)

and also timezones work lol

PistachioGuy (12/28/2022, 8:41:12 PM)

cuz thats where i set my wifi

PistachioGuy (12/28/2022, 8:40:06 PM)

i think the wifi thing might be fixed with the welcome to manjaro thing

PistachioGuy (12/28/2022, 8:40:00 PM)

i think espi found it was some networkmanager config or something

Seshpenguin (12/28/2022, 8:38:05 PM)

Yea stuff like the wifi not saving are postmarketos quirks

Seshpenguin (12/28/2022, 8:37:50 PM)

and im not sure if suspension works i havent had the time to test it

PistachioGuy (12/28/2022, 8:37:08 PM)

locking still doesnt work cuz no update yet

PistachioGuy (12/28/2022, 8:36:47 PM)

im using manjaro now. a lot of the issues with wifi not saving and stuff seem to be fixed

PistachioGuy (12/28/2022, 8:36:38 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> It's about protecting revenue. If users can get the same app on another store that doesn't have a 30% apple tax, they will.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/26/2022, 12:11:59 AM)

if it was actually about protecting their users, they would just put some big "THIS IS PROBABLY A VIRUS" warning but let people do it anyway if they rlly know what they doing

PistachioGuy (12/25/2022, 11:07:24 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> For the basics of course, then the user can add flatpaks (which I can also package) for items they want.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:22:09 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Let me know how you go. I did help Travier with getting the nightly builds done for the Kinoite setup so they can easily be used in the image.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:21:45 PM)

It's probably something I'll explore in the future

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:21:03 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I tried to create a Fedora image for my OP6 but it's just beyond my understanding a bit.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:19:40 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I've tried to understand the kernel builds and image builds and how the partitions work but it's a bit beyond me.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:19:20 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Could be done I guess. I'm just no good at knowing how the images get put together. I can package all day long no worries.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:19:04 PM)

having the system be immutable and apps in containers

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:17:35 PM)

One of the things I have been thinking about is for plasma mobile kinda related to this is we should have like a mobile version something like fedora silverblue

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:17:09 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> If it can be communicated with, a user can be scammed.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:16:23 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Can an iPhone receive an SMS? User can be scammed. End of story.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:15:49 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Typical scaremongering bullshit.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:15:36 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:15:14 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I love how he talks about Government and Enterprise devices like those aren't MDM managed and can easily disable sideloading.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:14:44 PM)

(not a fan of total lockout though)

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:14:13 PM)

its hard to mess up the system integrity or install malware etc

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:13:37 PM)

Yea I mean, Apple is very good at making sure their devices stay "fresh" as an average user uses it

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:13:23 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Let Users Decide: Not a Good Idea because users are dumb.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 9:11:15 PM)

with the pinephone you build as much protection you want :P

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:09:14 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 9:07:54 PM)

guys does the pinephone protect me from bad guys like apple does?

Apple: How Sideloading Puts Every iPhone at Risk.

At Web Summit 2021 Craig Federighi, SVP of Software Engineering at Apple, explains what is sideloading and how it can affect in a negative way the security features that make Apple products stand out. #data #privacy #Apple #Sideloading #cybercrime

PistachioGuy (12/25/2022, 9:06:19 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Yep

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:52:04 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> It's just the latest buzz word I guess.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:51:24 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> xD yes

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:49:19 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I mean nothing is serverless, you're just changing the naming 😀

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:49:04 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)>

Serverless Computing - AWS Lambda - Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service for running code without having to provision or manage servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:48:45 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I think it was pioneered by AWS? It's kinda like an abstraction layer higher than containers where your code for your app/website API or whatever is split between independent functions for each endpoint that is managed by a cloud service

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:48:38 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> 😆

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:46:44 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I probably should look up what serverless stuff is as I'm a SysAdmin 😆

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:46:06 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Sounds like quite an interesting project!

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:45:36 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Oh OK

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:44:53 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I'm using that as a platform for some extra additions for Plasma Mobile Nightly, like remote management of your device yea

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:44:53 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> It's the Sineware Cloud Services portal, so it's a separate project i'm working to provide open-source based cloud services (like github pages style static site hosting, ngrok style routing, serverless stuff, etc)

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:44:28 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Is it some kind of MDM?

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:41:57 PM)

[matrix] <Justin>

What is this for?

Sineware Cloud Services (12/25/2022, 7:41:28 PM)

(managed by a daemon on the phone)

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 6:08:06 PM)

I want to get the plasma mobile nightly integration ready to ship soon hopefully

It'll add some fun stuff like log viewing, core dump manager, and other debugging things

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 6:07:10 PM)

Small preview of the current state of the Sineware Cloud Services portal

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 6:04:07 PM)

PistachioGuy (12/25/2022, 11:38:34 AM)

merry christmas

Seshpenguin (12/25/2022, 10:12:54 AM)

merry xmas

PistachioGuy (12/25/2022, 7:42:23 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> What exactly is sus?

Sineware Cloud Services (12/23/2022, 2:11:14 AM)


Mantou1233 (12/23/2022, 1:49:15 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Oh man don't get me started on that. I've been trying to get myself organised and find the right to do list that's synced everywhere.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/22/2022, 8:34:03 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> I really need a todo list or something 😅

Sineware Cloud Services (12/22/2022, 8:33:21 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Oh I totally forgot about that

Sineware Cloud Services (12/22/2022, 8:33:09 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Seshan (seshpenguin) were you able to get libquotient daily builds happening?

Sineware Cloud Services (12/22/2022, 8:32:22 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> 🥳

Sineware Cloud Services (12/22/2022, 7:44:17 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> The Plasma Mobile Nightly repository server is back online 🎉

Sineware Cloud Services (12/22/2022, 7:43:56 PM)

I also don't play genshin that much anymore anyway lol

Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 11:02:38 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 11:01:48 PM)

yea or on my ipad/whatever

Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 11:01:37 PM)

so you play on windows?

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 11:01:19 PM)

just did that as an experiment

Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 11:01:06 PM)

I don't actually play on wine much though

Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 11:00:39 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 11:00:12 PM)

do you play on official servers?

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 10:59:45 PM)

its ok there a patch to remove the anti cheat and then you can (suspiciously) run it in wine

Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 10:17:26 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 10:16:45 PM)

a linux enthusiast genshin impact player???

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 10:15:48 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> Posting again for the matrix people: The Plasma Mobile Nightly repository server ( will be going offline for a day or so.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:20:27 PM)

Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 9:18:33 PM)

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 9:17:39 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> we're back on varnish+hitch

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:15:50 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> guess I'm gonna stop using Caddy for now as the reverse proxy

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:15:24 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> looks like its back

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:13:51 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> oh

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:13:44 PM)

[matrix] <seshpenguin (legacy account)> test 1235

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:13:22 PM)

[matrix] <seshpenguin (legacy account)> test2

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:13:21 PM)

[matrix] <seshpenguin (legacy account)> test

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:13:21 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> but people cant access it through federation

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:12:58 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> the matrix server itself is fine connected directly

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:12:52 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> this is very cursed

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:12:30 PM)

no u

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 9:12:04 PM)

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 9:11:50 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> test

Sineware Cloud Services (12/21/2022, 9:08:55 PM)

i live at localhost

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 9:01:33 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 9:01:17 PM)

also the matrix server died so i'm figuring what happened there

Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 9:01:13 PM)

get doxxed

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 9:00:58 PM)

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 9:00:53 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 9:00:28 PM)

The Plasma Mobile Nightly repository server ( will be going offline for a day or so.

<@121377781950054403> is moving lol

Seshpenguin (12/21/2022, 8:49:24 PM)

ok nvm it has nothing to do with volume keys lol

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 5:48:32 PM)

i still cant reproduce it but it seems to have something to do with the volume down button

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 8:16:41 AM)

i had the issue again last night

PistachioGuy (12/21/2022, 8:16:21 AM)

is it possible to manually open the keyboard on a wayland window

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 11:22:08 PM)

panels didn't work for a whole month

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 10:53:34 PM)

it's always a gamble, git master has broken really often in the past few months

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 10:53:20 PM)

it said the drive was in use lol

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:04:01 PM)

that really really confused me when i tried to flash a new os to the sd card from the phone

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:03:55 PM)

unaware that it was running on it

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:03:36 PM)

so i treated them like that and never bothered to take the sd card out

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:03:20 PM)

like on desktop

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:03:05 PM)

i thought the images oses gave were installers

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:03:01 PM)

i thought i wasnt

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:02:54 PM)

actually i didnt mean to do that

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:02:51 PM)

i used to do that but it was too slow

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:02:45 PM)

lol theres only ever been one virus for the pinephone right?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 10:02:29 PM)

If youre running from an SD card you can take an image of it before updating as a backup

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:55:07 PM)

technically not good from a security perspective but probably not a huge deal for a niche thing like this

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:54:41 PM)

yea you could if everything is working fine

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:54:11 PM)

i might use this and just do that

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:48:45 PM)

do you think its safe to just not update often?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:48:41 PM)

damn thats rlly cool thx

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:29:44 PM)

open dolphin, in the location bar, type sftp://user@ip

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 9:29:24 PM)

hold spacebar

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 9:28:54 PM)

so i made a bitly link

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:21:36 PM)

and on angelfish i cant fully edit the url cuz plasma keyboard doesnt let me go left right

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:21:25 PM)

and i cant really copy it well

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:21:04 PM)

for some reason links from spacebar dont open

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:20:59 PM)

lol that works too

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:20:51 PM)

thx for the help tho

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:20:45 PM)

ok i ended up just making a bitly link to mega lol

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:20:42 PM)

copy an entire folder with scp -r

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:19:54 PM)

you just need scp on your computer (comes with openssh)

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:18:41 PM)

would copy "whatever_file" from your computer to the home folder on the phone

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:18:25 PM)

scp whatever_file user@your_phone_ip:~

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:18:05 PM)

how would i set that up?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:16:53 PM)

ssh is enabled already on the nightly images

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:16:38 PM)

you can use scp

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 9:16:16 PM)

i have arch with plasma

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:16:03 PM)

is it possible to transfer files to my phone from computer?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:15:55 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:10:26 PM)

ok i think i found it

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:10:08 PM)

my plan is public mobile

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:09:21 PM)

how do i knoww what to set it to?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:09:15 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:09:07 PM)

you need to set the mmsc in spacebar's settings

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 9:08:43 PM)

i have the apn set

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:06:55 PM)

also i just tried to send myself a message thru email and it says no mmsc configured on spacebar

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 9:05:56 PM)


EspiDev (12/20/2022, 8:59:30 PM)

i really need to get around to exploring how to coredump and log stuff better on pmos 🙃

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:59:08 PM)

yeah i might have time to do that on xmas vaction

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:58:14 PM)

well i reflashed now so ill see if it keeps happening

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:57:59 PM)

if you can replicate it on manjaro it's easier to trace

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 8:57:57 PM)

yeah its just kinda random

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:57:46 PM)

need coredumpctl to get crash dump, i guess you could try running the shell in gdb but it's annoying if you don't have a specific way to replicate it

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 8:57:17 PM)

pmos doesnt support logs?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:56:55 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:56:44 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:56:40 PM)

unfortunately it's not really possible to debug on postmarketos

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 8:56:22 PM)

sounds like the shell died

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 8:56:09 PM)

lock screen still loads fine

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:56:05 PM)

and the volume changer or anything doesnt work

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:56:00 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:55:49 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:55:48 PM)

what do you mean by disappearing, is the screen black?

EspiDev (12/20/2022, 8:55:40 PM)


EspiDev (12/20/2022, 8:54:52 PM)

i wanna use phosh, but chatty has this wierd bug where messages come in way too late

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:54:28 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:53:55 PM)

i cant have my phone shutting down when i try to unlock it

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:53:48 PM)

well at the moment i have to use it, because there was this insanelly annoying bug that espidev fixed that hasnt fully been released yet

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:53:39 PM)

(it was patched for the stable release but nightly was broken for a few days)

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:53:36 PM)

ex. a couple weeks ago there was a bug in plasma-workspace that caused the shell to not load at all

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:53:23 PM)

Yea I woudn't recommend manjaro dev or sineware nightly for daily use lol

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:53:03 PM)

this is my only phone lol

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:52:41 PM)

i dont mind reflashing every so often but i cant have it happen all the time

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:52:36 PM)

dev will have problems like that once in a while

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:52:03 PM)

manjaro stable shouldn't have that kind of things

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:51:36 PM)

is that just the same is pmos edge?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:50:41 PM)

not booting

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:50:35 PM)

what about stability as in like

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:50:33 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:50:22 PM)

not introducing different bugs compared to upstream

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:50:12 PM)

fine as in?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:49:45 PM)

cuz rn im just using them because espidev fixed screen locking bug and i rlly need it to work properly

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:49:34 PM)

these days its fine I think

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:49:33 PM)

how often do they break?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:48:59 PM)

damn seriously?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:48:28 PM)

(mostly cause manjaro likes to change random configs and stuff)

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:48:27 PM)

there are times where my nightly builds are more stable than manjaro xD

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:48:18 PM)

manjaro "stability" 💀

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:46:38 PM)

yea that's the source of a lot of controversy lol

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:46:16 PM)

why doesnt pine64 pay plasma devs instead of manjaro lol

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:45:36 PM)

oof ok

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:43:51 PM)

not that I know of

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:43:46 PM)

so theres no workarounds?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:43:39 PM)

yea this happens a lot

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:43:16 PM)

getting logs is one of the problems with pmos currently, it's something i hope I can get working properly for nightly in the future

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:43:00 PM)

oh and also auto suspend doesnt seem to always work and sometimes the battery drains

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:35:58 PM)

for this

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:35:29 PM)

how would i provide logs?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:35:26 PM)

It sounds like a plasma issue, if you have the time you can try recreating the issue on stock postmarketos and manjaro dev

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:28:43 PM)

it seems to happen somewhat randomly

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:25:55 PM)

<@121377781950054403> have you seen this issue

Seshpenguin (12/20/2022, 8:17:04 PM)

has anyone else experienced this? is this a normal plasma issue or sineware issue?

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:06:27 PM)

on pinephone convergence package

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:05:59 PM)

im trying reflashing

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:05:05 PM)

I've been experiencing this issue where sometimes when i log back in everything just dissapears. if i was listening to music its still playing, and if i left an app open sometimes its still there but all the other system stuff dissapears

PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:05:01 PM)


PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:03:38 PM)
PistachioGuy (12/20/2022, 8:03:34 PM)

(they are not)

May113 (12/15/2022, 8:50:13 AM)

I will do slight amount of trolling and check if mobian pre-builds are fixed

May113 (12/14/2022, 1:54:59 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I too was confused at first as I do nightly builds for Fedora. But then I realised 5.101.0 was released recently and that means they'll be changing the version in the CMake files to 5.102 as the next version to be released.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/14/2022, 6:44:03 AM)


May113 (12/14/2022, 6:05:21 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> Most frameworks got a version bump in cmake I think. Not a big change

Sineware Cloud Services (12/14/2022, 5:28:37 AM)

Loads of stuff updated, nice

May113 (12/14/2022, 5:22:59 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> So Qt it is a fun thing, it's open source but also sold. I think Qt5 ended open source patching a while back which is why the KDE Qt patch collection exists.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/14/2022, 1:55:38 AM)

it would be faster but I still havent gotten around to figuring out why distcc is only using 4 threads

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 11:38:57 PM)

probably a lot of package changes

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 11:38:32 PM)

looks like it

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 11:38:21 PM)

Also uh is build 135 really taking 5h?

May113 (12/13/2022, 11:37:26 PM)

Tho we won't be seeing plasma 6 for a while

May113 (12/13/2022, 11:31:30 PM)


May113 (12/13/2022, 11:31:07 PM)

it'll be fine with qt 6 I assume

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 11:06:27 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 11:06:14 PM)

Wow uh definitely not confusing

May113 (12/13/2022, 11:06:02 PM)

The KDE project provides unofficial support for Qt 5.15 in the form of a collection of bugfix patches, most of which are backported from Qt 6.[5] As KDE has a policy of not assigning version numbers to their patches, Linux distributions use ad-hoc schemes when using this fork of Qt5: OpenSUSE, for example, calls its June 2021 version "5.15.2+kde200".

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 11:05:15 PM)

Qt version history

The latest version of Qt is 6.4.1 released on 15 November 2022.Also still supported, for commercial users, are 5.15 LTS, released on 26 May 2020, and 6.2 LTS, released on 30 September 2021 – long-term support (LTS) versions are generally supported for three years, with a commercial license, while 5.15 support was extended to five years, so it is...

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 11:04:56 PM)

apparently qt 5.15 is unsupported already for open source

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 11:04:53 PM)

I thought qt5.15.11 was out already

May113 (12/13/2022, 11:01:56 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> I'm not sure which May meant, Qt 5.15.6 on pmOS is only .1 behind 5.15.7 on Fedora.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/13/2022, 7:42:16 PM)

Oh yea if you mean like qt 5 vs qt 6 then yea that needs to wait for plasma 6

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 7:34:43 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Moving to the next major Qt version is a lot of work, lots of frameworks etc that need to be moved first.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/13/2022, 7:17:20 PM)

Fair, plasma mobile is using older stable builds of qt for some reason

May113 (12/13/2022, 6:47:05 PM)

Yea it’s possible to add if there’s a reason to add it

Seshpenguin (12/13/2022, 6:28:15 PM)

Hm, i wonder if QT related stuff can also be updated in the nightly repo

May113 (12/13/2022, 5:44:53 PM)


May113 (12/12/2022, 4:28:21 AM)

[matrix] <Justin> I got nothing rn 😄

Sineware Cloud Services (12/11/2022, 7:45:11 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> Hold onto yer butts.

Sineware Cloud Services (12/11/2022, 7:42:17 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> _picks up his OP6 _

Sineware Cloud Services (12/11/2022, 7:42:08 PM)

[matrix] <Justin> 😄

Sineware Cloud Services (12/11/2022, 7:41:48 PM)

[matrix] <Devin Lin> quiet chat = good times

Sineware Cloud Services (12/11/2022, 6:39:26 PM)

when things break it gets more active lol

Seshpenguin (12/11/2022, 6:34:25 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/11/2022, 6:34:14 PM)

slightly inactive server /s

May113 (12/11/2022, 6:05:34 PM)

using matterbridge now

Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:47:33 PM)

ok the bridge is working again properly hopefully

Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:47:30 PM)

[matrix] <Seshan (seshpenguin)> test

Sineware Cloud Services (12/10/2022, 1:47:17 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:47:02 PM)

I'll fix it

Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:11:07 PM)

oops lol

Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:11:05 PM)

yeah this one doesn't work

May113 (12/10/2022, 1:10:58 PM)

oh what

Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:10:41 PM)

discord link there is broken tho

May113 (12/10/2022, 1:10:27 PM)

I'm using the F1 too

Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:09:47 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:09:34 PM)

using Plasma Mobile Nightly on the Poco F1, works nice

May113 (12/10/2022, 1:09:18 PM)
Seshpenguin (12/10/2022, 1:07:14 PM)

sup sup

May113 (12/10/2022, 1:07:08 PM)
May113 (12/10/2022, 1:06:37 PM)

yaaaay xD

Seshpenguin (11/28/2022, 12:35:15 PM)

Aaand I just got the no panels update 😄

Justin (11/28/2022, 6:51:53 AM)

Rise and shine, Mister Freeman. Rise and... shine. Not that I... wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest... and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has... come again.

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mister Freeman. Wake up and... smell the ashes...

Bingu (11/27/2022, 1:21:36 AM)

two in in name

Mantou1233 (11/25/2022, 11:52:45 AM)

adding a commit selection to the build script is gonna be useful in the future too

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/24/2022, 12:36:41 PM)


could try manually building the commit prior to this to test

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/24/2022, 12:35:50 PM)

could try manually building the commit prior to this to test

Devin Lin: panels are broken now lol

Devin Lin (11/24/2022, 12:09:51 PM)

oh I should just read lol

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/24/2022, 10:12:09 AM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/24/2022, 10:12:04 AM)

is the implication that this isn't a problem in qt 6

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/24/2022, 10:08:51 AM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/24/2022, 10:08:41 AM)

yea i heard in the meeting

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/24/2022, 10:07:49 AM)

they switched to the basic qt render loop which causes the panels to not show for some reason

Devin Lin (11/24/2022, 10:07:36 AM)


Devin Lin (11/24/2022, 10:06:41 AM)

Devin Lin: panels are broken now lol

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/24/2022, 10:06:30 AM)

cross checking is useful

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 10:13:49 PM)

this is why many distros need to exist lol

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 10:13:44 PM)


Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 10:13:41 PM)

manjaro moment

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/22/2022, 10:12:40 PM)

i guess ill wait a few days and it'll resolve itself maybe...

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 10:12:25 PM)

ok cool something really borked is happening on manjaro right now, not sure

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 10:12:09 PM)

on latest build

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/22/2022, 10:11:32 PM)

btw Devin Lin just tested panels are fine

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/22/2022, 10:11:23 PM)

would be neat!

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 10:08:36 PM)

I should get started on it!

Justin (11/22/2022, 10:08:01 PM)

Fedora image soooon™

i wish pmos had journalctl and coredumpctl

Justin (11/22/2022, 10:07:53 PM)

I wanna make some better debug workflow for nightly

Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:39:27 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:39:02 PM)

i wish pmos had journalctl and coredumpctl

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 9:37:32 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:12:54 PM)

clearly plasma mobile nightly is the superior choice!!!!!

Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:12:48 PM)


Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 9:11:04 PM)

had such a long streak (1 month) of not bricked images...

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 9:11:03 PM)


Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 9:10:16 PM)

we'll see lol

Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:07:46 PM)

well kwin is compiling right now so

Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:07:44 PM)
Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:07:38 PM)

i think kwin changed to single threaded rendering by default so i'm not sure

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 9:07:18 PM)

but the build from yesterday is fine on my pocophone

Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:06:30 PM)

Theres a build running right now

Seshpenguin (11/22/2022, 9:06:20 PM)

idk if it's a kwin issue or packaging issue

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 9:05:37 PM)

are the panels showing on current master builds, manjaro is completely borked right now

Devin Lin (11/22/2022, 9:05:12 PM)

Angelfish works again (also builds are much faster now, actually setup cross compiling for aarch64)

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/22/2022, 9:43:03 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #104

Build: 104

Jenkins (11/21/2022, 8:54:36 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #103

Build: 103 Status: failure No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/21/2022, 8:44:20 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #103

Build: 103

Jenkins (11/21/2022, 8:40:32 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #102

Build: 102 Status: failure Changes:

  • 328871 Add link to images build script repo - noreply
  • a824ec Debugging features - seshan10
  • 084e54 More debugging features - seshan10
  • 93189e Add ARCH env - seshan10


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/21/2022, 8:24:26 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #102

Build: 102

Jenkins (11/21/2022, 7:53:21 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #76

Build: 76 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/21/2022, 11:56:38 AM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/21/2022, 11:45:54 AM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/21/2022, 11:45:54 AM)

Anyone able to confirm?

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:54 AM)

Angelfish crashing

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:53 AM)

Any chance of getting a libquotient git build added?

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:53 AM)

Damnit I'm getting used to using vim and I don't want that 😄

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:52 AM)

I may have disabled it a while back due to issues I was having 🤔

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:52 AM)

Ah I have no ipv6 it seems.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:52 AM)

Probably because busybox wget doesn't fallback to ipv4 like GNU.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:51 AM)

Um I dunno, never really noticed until that.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:51 AM)
justin@oneplus6 ~> wget
Connecting to ([2603:c021:1:3c01:391c:d648:2470:96c2]:443)
wget: can't connect to remote host: Network unreachable
Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:50 AM)


Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:50 AM)

As Alpine use wget from busybox, not from gnu.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:50 AM)

Also a quick FYI maybe change the key add command on the webpage to curl -s | sudo tee /etc/apk/keys/

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:49 AM)

Mostly underutilised lol

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:49 AM) joined the room on Matrix.

Sineware Cloud Services (11/21/2022, 11:45:49 AM)

Though ideally I get my work to get our last 2 Jenkins instances to disappear, I move our ARM server to our Gitlab instance and make it public.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:48 AM)


Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:48 AM)

I'm working (well will be) on getting Fedora images built for my OnePlus 6 and have got my daily KDE builds already setup 😄

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:48 AM)

Damnit I'm getting used to using vim and I don't that 😄

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:47 AM)

I'll wait for today's builds and do an update, thanks!

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:47 AM)

As pmOS's wget wouldn't fall back to ipv4 when ipv6 failed.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:46 AM)

32CPU / 128GB RAM

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:46 AM)


Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:46 AM)

Put Jenkins runner on my OP6.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:45 AM)


Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:45 AM)


Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:44 AM)

I wonder if these are libquotient functions and the older libquotient on Alpine is causing an issue?

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:44 AM)
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:/main.qml:29:5: Type RoomPage unavailable
qrc:/RoomPage.qml:334:19: Type EventDelegate unavailable
qrc:/EventDelegate.qml:75:19: Type PollDelegate unavailable
qrc:/PollDelegate.qml:17:5: PollHandler is not a type
Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:44 AM)

Tobias says we're not git master enough 🤣 - fixed yesterday.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:43 AM)

I'll try now. BTW thanks for the repo!

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:43 AM)

Sorry had to redirect output to file and get it via ssh 😄

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:42 AM)

Neochat not starting on latest build.

Justin (11/21/2022, 11:45:42 AM) joined the room on Matrix.

Sineware Cloud Services (11/21/2022, 11:45:41 AM)


Seshpenguin (11/21/2022, 11:43:43 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #76

Build: 76

Jenkins (11/21/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #73

Build: 73 Status: success Changes:

  • 328871 Add link to images build script repo - noreply
  • a824ec Debugging features - seshan10
  • 084e54 More debugging features - seshan10


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/20/2022, 11:48:30 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #73

Build: 73

Jenkins (11/20/2022, 11:33:05 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #75

Build: 75 Status: success Changes:

  • c4f94f Update - noreply


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/20/2022, 11:59:06 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #75

Build: 75

Jenkins (11/20/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #72

Build: 72 Status: success Changes:

  • 0b1535 Add check for GIT_SILENT - seshan10
  • cdd8c5 Fix typo - seshan10


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/20/2022, 12:04:44 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #72

Build: 72

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 11:33:10 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #101

Build: 101 Status: success Changes:

  • cdd8c5 Fix typo - seshan10


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 7:57:02 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #101

Build: 101

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 7:45:09 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #100

Build: 100 Status: success Changes:

  • 0b1535 Add check for GIT_SILENT - seshan10


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 7:45:08 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #100

Build: 100

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 4:04:55 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #99

Build: 99 Status: failure No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 4:04:21 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #99

Build: 99

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 3:28:57 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #98

Build: 98 Status: failure No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 3:28:31 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #98

Build: 98

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 3:28:29 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #97

Build: 97 Status: failure No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 3:25:25 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #97

Build: 97

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 3:25:23 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #96

Build: 96 Status: failure No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 3:22:08 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #96

Build: 96

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 3:22:05 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #74

Build: 74 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 12:00:03 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #74

Build: 74

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #71

Build: 71 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/19/2022, 1:01:34 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #71

Build: 71

Jenkins (11/18/2022, 11:33:02 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #95

Build: 95 Status: failure No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/18/2022, 7:36:09 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #95

Build: 95

Jenkins (11/18/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #73

Build: 73 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/18/2022, 4:20:50 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #73

Build: 73

Jenkins (11/18/2022, 3:09:09 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #70

Build: 70 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/18/2022, 1:51:07 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #70

Build: 70

Jenkins (11/17/2022, 11:33:03 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #94

Build: 94

Jenkins (11/17/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #72

Build: 72 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/17/2022, 11:58:08 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #72

Build: 72

Jenkins (11/17/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #93

Build: 93 Status: success Changes:

  • a41932 todo: investigate rust builds issues (affecting angelfish) - noreply


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/17/2022, 9:00:08 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #69

Build: 69 Status: success Changes:

  • a41932 todo: investigate rust builds issues (affecting angelfish) - noreply


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/17/2022, 2:00:31 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #69

Build: 69

Jenkins (11/16/2022, 11:33:04 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #93

Build: 93

Jenkins (11/16/2022, 7:04:23 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #71

Build: 71 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/16/2022, 11:56:54 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #71

Build: 71

Jenkins (11/16/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #68

Build: 68 Status: failure No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/16/2022, 12:10:35 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #68

Build: 68

Jenkins (11/15/2022, 11:33:04 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #92

Build: 92

Jenkins (11/15/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #70

Build: 70 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/15/2022, 6:13:16 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #70

Build: 70

Jenkins (11/15/2022, 5:02:14 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #91

Build: 91 Status: failure No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/15/2022, 5:02:12 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #67

Build: 67 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/15/2022, 3:22:53 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #67

Build: 67

Jenkins (11/14/2022, 11:33:03 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #91

Build: 91

Jenkins (11/14/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #69

Build: 69 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/14/2022, 11:56:22 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #69

Build: 69

Jenkins (11/14/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #90

Build: 90 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/14/2022, 7:25:16 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #66

Build: 66 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/14/2022, 2:00:03 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #66

Build: 66

Jenkins (11/13/2022, 11:33:03 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #90

Build: 90

Jenkins (11/13/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #68

Build: 68 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/13/2022, 11:58:29 AM)


Seshpenguin (11/13/2022, 10:49:40 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #68

Build: 68

Jenkins (11/13/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #89

Build: 89 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/13/2022, 6:47:34 AM)

seventy four

Bingu (11/13/2022, 4:24:17 AM)

<@121377996555812866> what time you is?

Mantou1233 (11/13/2022, 3:35:17 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #65

Build: 65 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/13/2022, 1:51:20 AM)

I will add HSTS soon™️

Seshpenguin (11/12/2022, 11:35:12 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #65

Build: 65

Jenkins (11/12/2022, 11:33:03 PM)

doesn't automatically redirect to https smh my head

Applearon (11/12/2022, 11:20:12 PM)


Mantou1233 (11/12/2022, 10:49:01 PM)

woo the sineware website is done

Mantou1233 (11/12/2022, 10:48:55 PM)

this is the only channel bridged to matrix too so yea

Seshpenguin (11/12/2022, 10:47:21 PM)

this channel I guess lol

Seshpenguin (11/12/2022, 10:47:07 PM)


Mantou1233 (11/12/2022, 10:46:56 PM)

where r the support cannels

Mantou1233 (11/12/2022, 10:46:50 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/12/2022, 10:46:48 PM)

sign wear so many notifica

Mantou1233 (11/12/2022, 10:46:31 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/12/2022, 10:46:10 PM)


Mantou1233 (11/12/2022, 10:45:53 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #89

Build: 89

Jenkins (11/12/2022, 7:34:02 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #67

Build: 67 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/12/2022, 11:58:20 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #67

Build: 67

Jenkins (11/12/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #88

Build: 88 Status: success No changes.


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/12/2022, 7:24:33 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #64

Build: 64 Status: success No changes.


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Jenkins (11/12/2022, 1:53:46 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #64

Build: 64

Jenkins (11/11/2022, 11:33:03 PM)


Bingu (11/11/2022, 7:54:13 PM)

notification spam but it's useful so oh well

Seshpenguin (11/11/2022, 7:54:04 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/11/2022, 7:53:43 PM)


Bingu (11/11/2022, 7:53:25 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #88

Build: 88

Jenkins (11/11/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #66

Build: 66 Status: success No changes.


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Jenkins (11/11/2022, 11:59:28 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #66

Build: 66

Jenkins (11/11/2022, 10:49:02 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #87

Build: 87 Status: success No changes.


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Jenkins (11/11/2022, 4:51:14 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #63

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Jenkins (11/11/2022, 1:11:40 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #63

Build: 63

Jenkins (11/10/2022, 11:33:03 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/10/2022, 8:50:03 PM)


Bingu (11/10/2022, 8:49:36 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #87

Build: 87

Jenkins (11/10/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #65

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Jenkins (11/10/2022, 11:58:24 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #65

Build: 65

Jenkins (11/10/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #86

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Jenkins (11/10/2022, 5:40:20 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #62

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Jenkins (11/10/2022, 1:51:27 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #62

Build: 62

Jenkins (11/9/2022, 11:33:02 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #86

Build: 86

Jenkins (11/9/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #64

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Jenkins (11/9/2022, 10:53:27 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #64

Build: 64

Jenkins (11/9/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #63

Build: 63 Status: success Changes:

  • 247add Update - noreply


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/9/2022, 10:29:51 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #63

Build: 63

Jenkins (11/9/2022, 9:19:58 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #61

Build: 61 Status: failure No changes.


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Jenkins (11/9/2022, 9:18:59 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #61

Build: 61

Jenkins (11/9/2022, 9:15:19 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #85

Build: 85 Status: success Changes:

  • ac6863 Patch kwin - noreply


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/9/2022, 2:57:09 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #60

Build: 60 Status: failure No changes.


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Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:37:27 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #60

Build: 60

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:37:13 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/8/2022, 11:36:50 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #59

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Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:36:27 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #59

Build: 59

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:35:33 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #58

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Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:34:57 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #58

Build: 58

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:34:42 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #57

Build: 57 Status: failure Changes:

  • b7c0bc Fix kidletime - noreply
  • ac6863 Patch kwin - noreply


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:33:30 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #57

Build: 57

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:33:03 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #85

Build: 85

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 9:57:57 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #84

Build: 84 Status: failure Changes:

  • b7c0bc Fix kidletime - noreply


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 9:55:00 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #84

Build: 84

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 7:34:01 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/8/2022, 5:10:57 PM)


Aron Ravikumar (11/8/2022, 5:09:37 PM) joined the room on Matrix.

Sineware Cloud Services (11/8/2022, 5:09:14 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #62

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Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:02:51 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #62

Build: 62

Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:02:25 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #83

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Jenkins (11/8/2022, 11:02:24 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #56

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Jenkins (11/7/2022, 11:50:21 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #56

Build: 56

Jenkins (11/7/2022, 11:33:02 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #83

Build: 83

Jenkins (11/7/2022, 7:34:02 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #61

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Jenkins (11/7/2022, 10:49:28 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #61

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Jenkins (11/7/2022, 10:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #82

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Jenkins (11/7/2022, 10:06:26 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #55

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Jenkins (11/7/2022, 4:02:12 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #55

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Jenkins (11/6/2022, 11:33:03 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #82

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Jenkins (11/6/2022, 7:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #60

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Jenkins (11/6/2022, 3:15:05 PM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #60

Build: 60

Jenkins (11/6/2022, 3:14:39 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #81

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Jenkins (11/6/2022, 3:14:38 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #54

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Jenkins (11/6/2022, 12:50:13 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #54

Build: 54

Jenkins (11/6/2022, 12:33:02 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #81

Build: 81

Jenkins (11/5/2022, 8:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-images #59

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Jenkins (11/5/2022, 11:49:24 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-images #59

Build: 59

Jenkins (11/5/2022, 11:49:01 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #80

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Jenkins (11/5/2022, 5:04:47 AM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #53

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Jenkins (11/5/2022, 2:26:08 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #53

Build: 53

Jenkins (11/5/2022, 12:33:02 AM)

Build started: plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-aarch64 #80

Build: 80

Jenkins (11/4/2022, 8:34:01 PM)

plasma-mobile-nightly-alpine-x86_64 #52

Build: 52 Status: success Changes:

  • 71cbb4 Fix kscreenlocker - noreply


No artifacts saved.

Jenkins (11/4/2022, 6:56:15 PM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/4/2022, 6:46:10 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/4/2022, 6:46:06 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/4/2022, 6:46:05 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/4/2022, 6:46:03 PM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/4/2022, 6:45:53 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/4/2022, 6:44:51 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/4/2022, 6:43:53 PM)

it works now atleast

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:52:41 PM)

a little scuffed

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:52:31 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/2/2022, 8:52:14 PM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:48:50 PM)

I recommend disabling notifications for this

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:48:49 PM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:48:49 PM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:48:49 PM)

and it crashed

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:48:48 PM)


Devin Lin (11/2/2022, 8:48:48 PM)


Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:48:47 PM)

yo lets go

Seshan (seshpenguin) (11/2/2022, 8:48:47 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/2/2022, 8:44:19 PM)

Thanks for your response! The matrix bridge has been approved.

Sineware Cloud Services (11/2/2022, 8:44:15 PM)

!matrix approve

Seshpenguin (11/2/2022, 8:44:14 PM) on matrix would like to bridge this channel. Someone with permission to manage webhooks please reply with !matrix approve or !matrix deny in the next 5 minutes.

Sineware Cloud Services (11/2/2022, 8:44:03 PM)
Sineware Cloud Services (11/2/2022, 8:41:51 PM)

sign wear

Bingu (10/7/2022, 6:02:26 PM)

nice gradient

Mantou1233 (10/7/2022, 2:40:42 PM)


Mantou1233 (10/7/2022, 2:40:37 PM)


Seshpenguin (9/23/2022, 11:23:57 AM)
Seshpenguin (9/23/2022, 11:23:51 AM)

SF Pro i think

Bingu (9/23/2022, 11:22:44 AM)


Bingu (9/23/2022, 11:22:12 AM)

for that color gradient template

Seshpenguin (9/23/2022, 11:22:11 AM)

its whatever the default font is for apple keynote

Seshpenguin (9/23/2022, 11:22:04 AM)


Seshpenguin (9/23/2022, 11:21:52 AM)

the font for the top image is yes

Bingu (9/23/2022, 11:21:32 AM)

new stuff

Plasma Mobile Nightly

Nightly development builds of Plasma Mobile: packages built for Alpine Linux/postmarketOS and device images (incl. PinePhone)!

Seshpenguin (9/23/2022, 11:21:07 AM)


Seshpenguin (9/23/2022, 11:20:51 AM)


Bingu (9/23/2022, 11:20:21 AM)


Mylah (9/21/2022, 9:56:28 AM)


Seshpenguin (9/21/2022, 9:51:41 AM)
Mylah (9/21/2022, 9:51:02 AM)

bad boTable naming!!

Deleted User (9/1/2022, 9:20:50 PM)


Deleted User (9/1/2022, 9:20:36 PM)

among some other things I have planned like IoT Messaging and integration with Sineware ProLinux (a linux distribution im making)

Seshpenguin (9/1/2022, 11:48:16 AM)

the big one is Sineware Cloud Services which yea part of it is web hosting

Seshpenguin (9/1/2022, 11:47:46 AM)

ohh that makes sense

Bingu (9/1/2022, 11:47:42 AM)

basically its a company I made as an umbrella for a bunch of projects im working on

Seshpenguin (9/1/2022, 11:47:28 AM)

what exactly is sineware? is this like a hosting service?

Bingu (9/1/2022, 11:10:50 AM)


Seshpenguin (8/31/2022, 1:04:28 PM)

yeah i got bored and went back to

Bingu (8/31/2022, 1:04:18 PM)

mrt moment

Seshpenguin (8/31/2022, 12:53:41 PM)


Bingu (8/31/2022, 10:36:13 AM)
Bingu (8/31/2022, 10:36:02 AM)


Seshpenguin (8/30/2022, 12:51:58 AM)

hi im back

Deleted User (8/30/2022, 12:51:51 AM)


Deleted User (8/30/2022, 12:51:45 AM)
Deleted User (8/30/2022, 12:51:24 AM)
Sineware Cloud Services (7/21/2022, 12:28:58 AM)
Deleted User (6/19/2022, 7:45:14 AM)


superpidgeon237 (6/9/2022, 5:30:50 PM)


superpidgeon237 (6/9/2022, 5:30:48 PM)
superpidgeon237 (6/7/2022, 5:13:45 PM)

what account dym

Mantou1233 (5/11/2022, 11:15:15 PM)

I never tried myself

Seshpenguin (5/11/2022, 5:00:31 PM)

Do you know how to get access token and client token yourself?

Ayataka (5/11/2022, 4:57:49 PM)

this might be helpful:

Microsoft Authentication Scheme

Seshpenguin (5/11/2022, 4:47:34 PM)

I don't know how to get it, the accesstoken I get is very long, close to 300 bits

Ayataka (5/11/2022, 4:46:57 PM)

Minecraft Genuine login (get 32 token) - Code World

Ayataka (5/11/2022, 4:46:28 PM)

Now there is a new problem, I want to get the accesstoken of my account, the 32-bit kind

Ayataka (5/11/2022, 4:46:27 PM)

i just like background

Ayataka (5/11/2022, 4:44:53 PM)


Ayataka (5/11/2022, 4:44:20 PM)

most bullshit hack of all time

Mantou1233 (5/10/2022, 4:55:30 AM)

nice liquidbounce!!

Mantou1233 (5/10/2022, 4:55:17 AM)

holy * * shit * * ncp!!

Mantou1233 (5/10/2022, 4:49:35 AM)

Oh make sure your hub server is running in online mode

Seshpenguin (5/10/2022, 12:06:36 AM)

is offline_uuid populated?

Seshpenguin (5/10/2022, 12:06:17 AM)


Ayataka (5/10/2022, 12:06:06 AM)

Is your account in the minesine_users table?

Seshpenguin (5/10/2022, 12:05:30 AM)

that's weird

Seshpenguin (5/10/2022, 12:03:41 AM)


Seshpenguin (5/10/2022, 12:02:25 AM)

new error?

Ayataka (5/10/2022, 12:02:22 AM)


Ayataka (5/10/2022, 12:02:19 AM)
Ayataka (5/10/2022, 12:02:07 AM)

if you just want your own token I think it's in launcher_profiles.json in .minecraft <@533869505559003146>

Seshpenguin (5/10/2022, 12:02:06 AM)

because of encryption

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:53:57 PM)

you can't take it from the client directly or anything

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:53:29 PM)

The way it works in Minesine is using the Microsoft authentication built into PrismarineJS (node minecraft-protocol)

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:51:47 PM)

Do you know how to get the client's 32-bit accesstoken?

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:49:59 PM)

probably not

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:49:23 PM)

Yea that's true, this was mostly a fun experiment anyway

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:49:11 PM)

Do you plan to do it in the future?

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:49:00 PM)

I recommend this because BungeeCord is more efficient in forwarding and supports plugins as well as many features

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:48:39 PM)


Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:48:10 PM)

Let BungeeCord support back-end servers with online-mode enabled

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:48:04 PM)

or viaversion or something?

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:47:44 PM)

Oh using protocolsupport?

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:47:37 PM)

You can make a BungeeCord patch

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:47:19 PM)

wait what lmao

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:47:08 PM)

i have a idea

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:47:05 PM)


Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:46:08 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:46:04 PM)


Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:46:03 PM)

I wanted to support multiple versions but never ended up doing that

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:43:36 PM)

1.18 only

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:43:22 PM)

oh yea that wont work

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:43:19 PM)

not supported?

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:43:19 PM)


Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:43:11 PM)

What minecraft version?

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:43:08 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:41:51 PM)

new error

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:41:24 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:41:21 PM)


Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:41:17 PM)

also make sure the tables are in the right database and user

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:39:17 PM)


Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:38:58 PM)


Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:38:51 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:37:57 PM)

did u accidentally misspell the table name (minisine_users should be minesine_users)

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:36:25 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:35:40 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:35:30 PM)

I tried to create the table manually and then encountered "relation minisine_users does not exist"

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:33:20 PM)

the sql commands worked fine for me in datagrip

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:28:47 PM)

hmmm idk, the last time I used navicat was many many years ago lol

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:28:37 PM)

Tried running it manually through the console, but no tables seem to be created

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:27:05 PM)

then the unique index one

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:25:26 PM)

then the second

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:25:21 PM)

like run the first create table

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:25:19 PM)

maybe navicat needs you to run each block by itself?

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:25:13 PM)

Syntax error

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:24:48 PM)

LINE 16: create table minesine_parties ^

[ERR] create table minesine_users ( uuid uuid not null constraint minesine_users_pk primary key, email varchar(254), username varchar(16), online boolean default false, current_server varchar(253), offline_uuid uuid, client_properties jsonb, party_uuid uuid )

create table minesine_parties ( party_uuid uuid not null constraint minesine_parties_pk primary key, name varchar(24), invited_users uuid[], leader_uuid uuid )

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:24:25 PM)

any specific error?

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:23:43 PM)

Now the connection to the database is successful, but I have tried to run the SQL file with navicat, but it doesn't work

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:22:46 PM)

PGPORT has the port (and default is 5432 anyway)

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:17:19 PM)

you cant put port in the host field

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:16:54 PM)

just put PGHOST=

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:16:21 PM)

don't put the port

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:16:10 PM)


Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:16:03 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:14:05 PM)


Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:13:23 PM)

Actually can you send me your .env file

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:13:20 PM)

but anyway even with no tables minesine should still connect to postgres

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:11:24 PM)

last line you still have a "using ???"

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 11:11:04 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:10:32 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:10:18 PM)

I still can't connect, can you send me a sql file? (navicat tells me there is a syntax error)

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 11:09:35 PM)

(you'll need to remove the "using ???;" lines)

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 10:51:21 PM)

also make sure to create the tables:

minesine-server/tables.sql at main · Sineware/minesine-server

Sineware Labs - Minesine Metaserver. A Minecraft server proxy for public/online-mode servers. - minesine-server/tables.sql at main · Sineware/minesine-server

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 10:51:04 PM)

uhh you might need to enable password authentication or something in postgres

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 10:50:48 PM)

I don't know if this is the right configuration

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 10:49:29 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 10:49:14 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 10:49:06 PM)

I've already installed the database

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 10:49:04 PM)

It looks like a database problem, but I don't know how to fix it

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 10:48:31 PM)

oh it's because it can't connect to PostgreSQL

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 10:48:26 PM)


Ayataka (5/9/2022, 10:47:04 PM)

I downloaded this and then directly node index.js and it won't connect

Ayataka (5/9/2022, 10:47:02 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 10:46:58 PM)

what caused the error

Seshpenguin (5/9/2022, 9:50:36 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 9:33:21 PM)


Ayataka (5/9/2022, 9:33:17 PM)
Ayataka (5/9/2022, 9:27:49 PM)
Seshpenguin (5/8/2022, 1:39:29 PM)

Mantou1233 (5/1/2022, 9:39:17 PM)

The most action this server has ever gotten

Seshpenguin (4/10/2022, 8:45:02 PM)


Seshpenguin (4/10/2022, 8:44:25 PM)


Seshpenguin (4/10/2022, 8:44:24 PM)

is faker than you

Mantou1233 (4/10/2022, 12:02:25 PM)

chat is not real

nicoshi_ (4/10/2022, 11:34:18 AM)

(so is chat)

nicoshi_ (4/10/2022, 9:37:19 AM)

sex is real

nicoshi_ (4/10/2022, 9:37:12 AM)


Seshpenguin (4/9/2022, 10:46:16 AM)


nicoshi_ (4/9/2022, 2:24:19 AM)


nicoshi_ (4/9/2022, 2:08:55 AM)
nicoshi_ (4/9/2022, 2:08:40 AM)


Seshpenguin (4/8/2022, 12:11:55 PM)

oh god noo 8 people in this server

Mantou1233 (4/8/2022, 12:08:10 PM)
Mantou1233 (4/8/2022, 12:05:33 PM)
AppleTwo (6/30/2021, 11:10:51 AM)

initramfs boot to squashfs root

Seshpenguin (1/21/2021, 12:37:26 AM)
Seshpenguin (1/21/2021, 12:37:18 AM)
Seshpenguin (1/15/2021, 3:40:22 PM)


Applearon (12/22/2020, 11:12:10 AM)

it looks very similar but this uses a whole new rootfs system

Seshpenguin (12/21/2020, 3:08:20 PM)
Seshpenguin (12/21/2020, 3:07:56 PM)


Seshpenguin (12/13/2020, 10:09:22 PM)

progress update

Seshpenguin (12/13/2020, 10:09:10 PM)
Seshpenguin (12/13/2020, 10:09:07 PM)


Applearon (11/28/2020, 5:03:14 PM)

I made a clear command

Applearon (11/28/2020, 5:03:12 PM)
Applearon (11/28/2020, 5:03:08 PM)


Applearon (11/28/2020, 11:43:51 AM)

(it gets stuck there)

Seshpenguin (11/28/2020, 10:57:23 AM)

the state of Sineware

Seshpenguin (11/28/2020, 10:57:18 AM)
Seshpenguin (11/28/2020, 10:57:11 AM)

yep makes sense

Seshpenguin (11/25/2020, 8:40:45 PM)

respawning child getty

Applearon (11/25/2020, 8:25:59 PM)

the Child was 172 Child udev has exited

Applearon (11/25/2020, 8:25:52 PM)

the state of Sineware currently...

Seshpenguin (11/25/2020, 8:25:21 PM)
Seshpenguin (11/25/2020, 8:25:11 PM)


Applearon (11/24/2020, 6:33:42 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/24/2020, 6:32:55 PM)
EspiDev (11/24/2020, 5:04:17 PM)
Seshpenguin (11/24/2020, 5:00:28 PM)
Seshpenguin (11/24/2020, 5:00:24 PM)

sinware ™️

kenyoy (11/24/2020, 4:55:45 PM)


Applearon (11/24/2020, 4:55:26 PM)

excuse me what

kenyoy (11/24/2020, 4:53:46 PM)
kenyoy (11/24/2020, 4:53:24 PM)
Asiliky (11/24/2020, 4:52:46 PM)
koitu (11/24/2020, 4:51:51 PM)


Seshpenguin (11/24/2020, 4:51:44 PM)
EspiDev (11/24/2020, 4:51:35 PM)


Applearon (11/24/2020, 4:51:28 PM)
Applearon (11/24/2020, 4:51:22 PM)