Quote Book

(#quote-book from "Applian Origin Minecraft Server 2")

"It's not just a bomb threat. It's just a bomb" -Mark

Crazi (3/23/2023, 11:57:53 AM)

"i know how to break in" -Justin

Applearon (3/16/2023, 9:37:51 PM)

"I'm being assaulted!" - Ryan

MangoBoxx (3/16/2023, 9:37:28 PM)

"I'm going to kill you"

  • Ash "Oh.. That's unfortunate"
  • Me
Crazi (3/16/2023, 9:23:34 PM)

"I did it, I beat up a guy" -Luke 2023

Applearon (3/11/2023, 1:14:04 PM)

"I feel like China is the root of all problems" -Luke 2023

Applearon (3/11/2023, 1:14:03 PM)

"so is the right" - me

MangoBoxx (3/7/2023, 6:23:27 PM)

"the left is associated with evil things" -A classmate during a presentation

Applearon (3/7/2023, 10:47:17 AM)

“1 to the power of 3 is still 1” - Some wise guy

MangoBoxx (3/1/2023, 10:11:08 PM)

"I have assassinated the Mexicans"

  • Ryan
Crazi (3/1/2023, 9:40:13 PM)

"Women are not the problem this time" -Luke 2023

Applearon (2/22/2023, 8:14:36 PM)

||"The correlation between coke and testicles"|| -Nathan

Crazi (2/22/2023, 3:38:01 PM)

"Ash is so good at flashing people" -Mark

Crazi (2/22/2023, 12:43:14 PM)


Crazi (2/20/2023, 10:51:49 PM)

||"Kick ass until there's no more ass to be kicked"||

Crazi (2/20/2023, 10:51:42 PM)

“he loves sniffing smurfs” - Coach Snyder (my social studies teacher)

crawfish (2/16/2023, 4:31:08 PM)

"las vagas doesn't exist" -My classmate

Applearon (2/16/2023, 9:52:13 AM)

"You are a dead loser. And not in a good way." - Inspirobot

MangoBoxx (2/15/2023, 7:22:28 PM)

"... How do you add?"

  • Ryan
Crazi (2/14/2023, 4:30:42 PM)

“the risk of loosing my job gets me excited” - dlc

ghostie (2/13/2023, 10:04:56 AM)

"are we measuring ||cock|| sizes based off the number of projects we write or" -DeletedUser42b8ad23

Applearon (2/11/2023, 1:59:49 PM)

"Do you guys know what 'Duress' means?" -Stewart 2023 after threatening us

Applearon (2/10/2023, 10:19:34 AM)

"Are you saying that you hate women?" "Yes" -Luke

Applearon (2/10/2023, 10:18:09 AM)

“war is bad, war is sad” - my spanish teacher

ghostie (2/8/2023, 10:34:05 AM)

"have you ever done marxism?" -My tutor

Applearon (2/6/2023, 6:12:59 PM)

"I think feeling pain is good" -Aron

Crazi (2/6/2023, 11:56:16 AM)

“real men wear floral when trespassing” -guy from a book

ghostie (1/30/2023, 3:35:40 PM)

"Lol she likes shorter" -Jazz

JJ8 (1/27/2023, 9:29:05 PM)

“i’m already mentally disturbed” - classmate

ghostie (1/25/2023, 9:44:06 AM)

"I have really bad luck with females. Even in game!" -Ash

Crazi (1/24/2023, 2:39:51 PM)

"how many of you are in favour of a welfare state? how many of you are secretly commnunist?" -Stewart, 2023

Applearon (1/24/2023, 12:06:51 PM)

“babies like to cry” - smol

ghostie (1/20/2023, 10:16:12 PM)

“got someone in the back of room shaking their finger at me like i’m naughty” - my chem teacher

ghostie (1/18/2023, 9:26:57 AM)

"if there's a hard p, where's the soft p" -Ash

Applearon (1/17/2023, 1:57:57 PM)

"It's not racist it's discriminatory" -Ethan

Applearon (1/13/2023, 1:27:02 PM)


crawfish (1/5/2023, 8:15:04 PM)

“Yeah Yeah i got peoples eyes on me when i sit at lunch by myself”

crawfish (1/5/2023, 6:51:06 PM)

“Deez” -me

crawfish (1/2/2023, 11:12:07 PM)

"Oh my holy Jesus that's Death" - Me

AngryApe1829 (12/20/2022, 5:29:15 PM)

"Should've but didn'tve" - Me

cardu (12/19/2022, 11:12:03 PM)

"this is where we go into RGB Hell" -my brother

Applearon (12/6/2022, 5:17:51 PM)

"Hamlet, he's such an incel" -English teacher

Applearon (12/1/2022, 12:41:27 PM)

"The number e is gay, all my homies hate the number e" - Alex Ho

AngryApe1829 (11/29/2022, 2:17:34 PM)

"I make love to depression" -Ashwath Vankayala

Applearon (11/25/2022, 1:36:51 PM)

"Me don't usually run into many four-hundred-year-old twelve-year-olds." -Tonto from Dead White Writer on the floor

Applearon (11/24/2022, 8:13:53 PM)

“Do what they did to Harambe” - Ryan

AngryApe1829 (11/17/2022, 5:44:21 PM)

"It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well." René Descartes: Discourse on Method

MangoBoxx (11/17/2022, 4:18:37 PM)

"Shiva has been merged with Buddhist deities in East Asian Buddhism" -Wikipedia

Applearon (11/16/2022, 10:18:35 PM)

“i will make you bend at my will”- also my wh teacher

ghostie (11/15/2022, 2:46:33 PM)

“in this classroom i’m the only alpha there is” - my wh teacher

ghostie (11/15/2022, 2:46:14 PM)

"I'm so down bad" -Matt

Applearon (11/14/2022, 2:01:10 PM)

"I'll cough on you, and that's a threat in this day and age"

  • Ash
Crazi (11/8/2022, 3:16:11 PM)

"I'll report you through the yrdsb report it tool for micro aggressions" - Ash

Crazi (11/8/2022, 3:11:24 PM)

"I'll throw micro aggressions at you Yeah, that's OK"

  • Ryan and Ash
Crazi (11/8/2022, 3:10:11 PM)

"oooo here comes bad boy copper" - my chem teacher

ghostie (11/2/2022, 9:25:58 PM)

"If you fall, you fell." - me

MangoBoxx (10/14/2022, 9:33:36 PM)

"Were gonna find pants, because i have no pants" -sophie, who still doenst have pants

WhosStarrrzz (10/8/2022, 11:37:21 PM)

"They're literally saying i dont have pants. I HAVE PANTS" -sophie, who has no pants

WhosStarrrzz (10/8/2022, 11:36:37 PM)

"I hath dandruff and I shalt spread it to you." - Me

MangoBoxx (10/6/2022, 6:20:38 PM)

"i don't need consent" -ashwath vankayala

Applearon (10/6/2022, 1:41:36 PM)

"you can would come to class- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" -My french teacher

Applearon (10/3/2022, 9:53:57 AM)

"You have 0 IQ." - Me

MangoBoxx (10/1/2022, 10:12:56 PM)

"what is based" -my english teacher

Applearon (9/29/2022, 12:43:48 PM)

“Apple Crips” - Caleb Curry

AngryApe1829 (9/22/2022, 11:10:30 PM)

"where did you go? how did you get there, what? -ash

WhosStarrrzz (9/22/2022, 10:30:34 PM)

“So you’re saying my life is worth 20 chicken tenders?” -Sophie “yes.” -Kaitlyn

crawfish (9/21/2022, 6:53:37 PM)

"So why does Liechtenstein exist? The simple answer is that it was too insignificant and not troublesome enough for its bigger neighbours to deal with it. " -, The Accidental Independence of Liechtenstein

MangoBoxx (9/21/2022, 6:07:44 PM)

“STOP, those vowels were so mid” - my choir teacher

ghostie (9/21/2022, 2:06:31 PM)

“ugh my falsetto is so crusty”- my choir teacher

ghostie (9/19/2022, 2:19:32 PM)

“not my mom :(“ -my choir teacher

ghostie (9/19/2022, 2:15:18 PM)

“there’s so many roads” - smol

ghostie (9/18/2022, 10:46:01 AM)

"GET OVER HERE DREAM" -sophie "AHHHHH DREAMS BEATING ME UP" -also sophie, 2 seconds later

WhosStarrrzz (9/16/2022, 10:47:41 PM)

"I haven't done it in a while" -Some girl I encountered a the rock climbing place "You don't mean rock climbing" -The guy talking to her

JJ8 (9/16/2022, 9:47:24 PM)

"You don't pay taxes - they take taxes." - Chris Rock

MangoBoxx (9/15/2022, 7:30:39 PM)

“yas” -ash

crawfish (9/12/2022, 10:22:36 PM)

“endanger bellybuttons, more louder” - my choir teacher

ghostie (9/12/2022, 2:25:58 PM)

"ionatatypes-" -mark

JJ8 (9/11/2022, 7:16:28 PM)

"You'll always be the protagonist, but not always the hero." - Some wise guy on the internet

MangoBoxx (9/11/2022, 11:53:57 AM)

"I wanna beat sophie" -justin

WhosStarrrzz (9/11/2022, 12:26:36 AM)

“a family that slays together, stays together” - dad on tiktok

ghostie (9/9/2022, 11:46:29 AM)

"so a hard spot" -ghostie

WhosStarrrzz (9/7/2022, 9:49:31 PM)

"Blood is just water filled with cells." - Me

MangoBoxx (9/6/2022, 3:32:33 PM)

"Diamond's not forever. Rust forever!" -My chemistry tutor

Applearon (9/6/2022, 3:29:29 PM)

“your story was mid, sorry” - some random english teacher

ghostie (9/6/2022, 2:46:18 PM)

"Millenials allow us to befriend someone that nobody has befriended." - Inspirobot

MangoBoxx (9/2/2022, 12:29:14 PM)

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." - Some wise person

MangoBoxx (8/30/2022, 11:32:31 AM)

"You can't laugh to your heart's content until you've swallowed the fragrant pus of sadness whole, you know?"

  • Oswald
Crazi (8/28/2022, 1:26:35 AM)

"A true flower only blooms after you have faced your biggest inner abscess and squeezed all the pus out of it!"

  • Oswald
Crazi (8/28/2022, 1:25:43 AM)

“the calculator never went to school” -my chem teacher

ghostie (8/26/2022, 9:42:51 AM)

“don’t eat yourself , you’ll lose 5 points” -my spanish teacher

ghostie (8/25/2022, 10:35:07 AM)

"I has penis." - My brain

MangoBoxx (8/24/2022, 2:56:00 PM)

“you guys probably have scars where ever in your body probably physical, unless you have deep emotional scars idk” - my english teacher

ghostie (8/24/2022, 2:53:48 PM)

“we gonna jump the shooter” -my spanish teacher

ghostie (8/24/2022, 11:06:28 AM)

"Oh he got the Elmo men's" - Justin

AngryApe1829 (8/23/2022, 2:40:29 PM)

"Want amputated? Bones melt. Flesh explode? Won't die."

  • Angela
Crazi (8/23/2022, 1:01:40 AM)

"Weirdoes reconsider time." -

MangoBoxx (8/20/2022, 1:07:43 PM)

"Call it the pathetically tearful survival instincts of a man who's lived most of his life in poverty, will ya?"

  • Roland
Crazi (8/20/2022, 1:04:56 PM)

“If you never try, you’ll never fail, but if you never fail, it’s a sign that you’ve most likely never tried” - Jungstein C.J. Lhüe

MangoBoxx (8/20/2022, 9:51:16 AM)

"I already feel like slowly melting your limbs this time."

  • Angela
Crazi (8/20/2022, 12:21:59 AM)

"It's just shoe" - Ghostie

AngryApe1829 (8/19/2022, 11:23:45 PM)

"Instructions unclear, ma'am... You said they're as mighty as wet paper now"

  • Roland
Crazi (8/19/2022, 10:44:38 PM)

"I find myself in the middle of nowhere, and the first person I meet blows off my limbs..."

  • Roland
Crazi (8/19/2022, 10:41:16 PM)

“The saddest aspect of society right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” - Isaac Asimov

MangoBoxx (8/16/2022, 1:58:36 PM)

“Get schwifty!” - Rick Sanchez

MangoBoxx (8/14/2022, 8:18:23 PM)

"there was no mp3" -My brother

Applearon (8/14/2022, 8:15:52 PM)

"Today, I learned that morality is relative." - Mabel Pines

MangoBoxx (8/12/2022, 6:24:17 PM)

"I have a piss ax"

  • Ryan
Crazi (8/12/2022, 4:34:03 PM)

“You cannot be afraid off what you can’t see… mostly.” Jungstein C.J. Lhüe

MangoBoxx (8/11/2022, 10:45:19 PM)

"I'm gonna say a swear to avoid coppa. FU-"

  • Ash
Crazi (8/11/2022, 10:38:10 PM)

“It’ll be fine” - Aron

MangoBoxx (8/11/2022, 9:50:11 PM)

"oh ghostie do you want ptsd?" - applearon

ghostie (8/10/2022, 11:12:43 PM)

"Despite being eaten by the bisexuals, this is going not terribly" - Aron

AngryApe1829 (8/10/2022, 10:56:35 PM)

She’s harboring refugees, KILL HER! - Me “Monkey is CONFUSED” - Mr. Israel "It's only probably murder" - Ryan

AngryApe1829 (8/10/2022, 10:55:35 PM)

"... Anytime someone brings attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept by implying that this is the exception and not the status quo." - Knuckles

MangoBoxx (7/14/2022, 10:15:03 AM)

"this is popping baby" -Ash

Applearon (7/13/2022, 10:02:08 PM)

"You have a spare hoe" -JJ

Applearon (7/9/2022, 11:56:42 PM)

time to buy non-government regulated explosives and use it to get a GUN -WaffleTime

Aquatic (7/9/2022, 1:22:04 PM)

"water and sand are the same thing" -My Brother

Applearon (7/6/2022, 3:45:04 PM)

"I failed school so I became a pirate!" - Captain Ape Swashbuckler of the Eighth Sea

WeepingWalnut (7/5/2022, 11:22:41 PM)

"the state of virginia, OAHHHHH"

WhosStarrrzz (6/29/2022, 2:16:03 PM)

"EEEEEE yourself and be free" - Justin Lou

MangoBoxx (6/29/2022, 10:46:57 AM)

"you have to be absolutely nolife" -My math teacher

Applearon (6/29/2022, 10:45:43 AM)

Don’t die, lol” - Aron

MangoBoxx (6/28/2022, 7:15:02 PM)

"im gonna try to find a way to die" jazz

WhosStarrrzz (6/28/2022, 2:28:49 PM)

“I’VE GOT NO FRIENDS” - Shittyflute

MangoBoxx (6/27/2022, 3:22:51 PM)


crawfish (6/27/2022, 3:20:35 PM)


crawfish (6/27/2022, 3:20:25 PM)

"im getting robbed by dolphins" -aron while being robbed by dolphins

WhosStarrrzz (6/26/2022, 10:09:53 PM)

"we accidentally created racism, and were proud" - chris and nathan

ghostie (6/25/2022, 9:12:22 PM)

“I’m going for the big box!” - Let’s Make A Deal Contestant

MangoBoxx (6/25/2022, 8:10:34 PM)

its not your session, so i dont care about you rn" - ash

ghostie (6/24/2022, 11:30:04 PM)

“After all my years of life experience, I now know that the true goal in life is to become a furry. No further context is needed to understand this statement”- Jungstein C.J. Lhüe (definitely not me)

MangoBoxx (6/24/2022, 1:08:30 PM)

"one is darker" -ash

WhosStarrrzz (6/23/2022, 11:05:47 PM)

"A cheeto would kill you" -Aron

Applearon (6/23/2022, 10:36:11 PM)

"You think the world makes sense? NOTHING MAKES SENSE! So you might as well make nonsense! THINK ABOUT IT" -Bill Cipher

Applearon (6/20/2022, 6:42:56 PM)

Its not racisim if its physics! - Me

Aquatic (5/31/2022, 9:59:47 PM)

“Oh the Victoria Secret’s Fireworks” - My Mom

AngryApe1829 (5/23/2022, 9:59:23 PM)

"straight phobic" -yes

WhosStarrrzz (5/21/2022, 11:14:22 AM)

"if you starve a newborn to death, you can call it a lifetime vegetarian" -Mark

Applearon (5/20/2022, 12:03:38 PM)

"bruh" -Me

JJ8 (5/17/2022, 9:52:21 PM)

who were the victims of the khmer rouge? ,”the chinese” - a classmate

ghostie (5/17/2022, 1:38:15 PM)

"the lord embeds himself in pickles"- my choir teacher

ghostie (5/16/2022, 9:35:04 PM)

"you're exploiting everything you can possibly exploit" -My economics teacher

Applearon (5/12/2022, 2:07:37 PM)

"some people are objectively furries" -Someone in my class

Applearon (4/20/2022, 2:01:13 PM)

"the uncanny valley implies the need that at one point in humanities existence, there was an evolutionary need to fear something that looked human but wasn't" -a fact

Aquatic (4/13/2022, 4:20:08 PM)

"I wasnt talking to you" -my teacher'

WhosStarrrzz (4/11/2022, 7:14:51 PM)

"This game is meant for bullying, and so are you if you're not careful" - shark girl

Aquatic (4/11/2022, 9:31:32 AM)

"All the jews just died" -Justin "Oh that's nice" -Aron

JJ8 (4/8/2022, 10:08:23 PM)

"if anyone comes in tell them i died" - my english teacher

ghostie (4/6/2022, 5:39:37 PM)

"mr. deng why are you promoting underage drinking" -A student in econ

Applearon (4/6/2022, 3:00:38 PM)

“ if you’re in my testing room just know i’ll be miserable and crying” - my english teacher

ghostie (4/6/2022, 9:05:31 AM)

"boss level pronouns" -my french teacher

Applearon (4/5/2022, 11:18:29 AM)

"I i just realized thats papa smurf smoking" ash

WhosStarrrzz (4/2/2022, 11:04:21 PM)

Despite being eaten by the bisexuals, this is going not terribly - Aron

AngryApe1829 (4/2/2022, 5:00:28 PM)

“Huh yeah” -star

Icongames (4/2/2022, 12:34:13 AM)


Aquatic (3/31/2022, 10:29:25 PM)

"very..wait.. WHY IS IT SNOWING" -chris

ghostie (3/31/2022, 8:51:32 PM)

"hes deku but ore" - chris

ghostie (3/31/2022, 8:42:58 PM)

"architecture barkitecture" -ghostie

WhosStarrrzz (3/31/2022, 8:39:11 PM)

im such a buildy person -ghostie

WhosStarrrzz (3/31/2022, 8:37:09 PM)

“He’s a ni####” -naruto <@!622978563716546597>

Icongames (3/30/2022, 10:04:08 PM)

"just, give up, on trying, TO MAKE ME GIVE UP rasengans the crap out of pain" -naruto

WhosStarrrzz (3/29/2022, 2:25:43 PM)

"Why am I hearing World War 2?... Never mind that's Darth Vader" - Me

AngryApe1829 (3/27/2022, 10:17:24 PM)

“Oh. Right. He’s British. We did it first Redcoat!” - Treecko

AngryApe1829 (3/27/2022, 9:47:56 PM)

"Star why are you peeing on me" -jazz

WhosStarrrzz (3/26/2022, 4:56:19 PM)

"I have a 1% chance, I have a 3% of getting a hot dog. I hAve fIVe hOT DOgs -star while trying to get wings

JJ8 (3/25/2022, 10:21:50 PM)

"I did not trip and fall, I attacked the floor and believe I am winning"

  • Chem teacher's quote of the day
CraziAlt (3/25/2022, 1:58:35 PM)

“money? women? it doesn’t add up” - my world geography teacher

ghostie (3/25/2022, 1:33:03 PM)

"why do people get cancer? I don't know!" -My Physics teacher

Applearon (3/24/2022, 9:25:17 AM)

whats your favorite letter? "uh 3" - chris

ghostie (3/22/2022, 10:17:10 PM)

Why are you trying to grab her toes?

  • somebody from Chem
CraziAlt (3/22/2022, 1:56:56 PM)

"We are not very knowledgeable americans" - kaitlyn

AngryApe1829 (3/21/2022, 10:03:01 PM)

"if i were to choose geo or death, i choose death" -probably patrick henry

JJ8 (3/21/2022, 9:56:21 PM)

"if i were to choose ||geo|| or death, i choose death" - kaitlyn like rn

ghostie (3/21/2022, 9:52:55 PM)

CONTESTED QUOTE: “I hate Asian people” -sophie

Applearon (3/21/2022, 9:39:49 PM)

"i am a natural disaster, i am naturally a disaster"- chris like rn

ghostie (3/21/2022, 9:30:11 PM)

"Horses are relatively elastic" -Someone in my class

Applearon (3/21/2022, 2:03:16 PM)

"Shooting meteorites time to conquer the rest of india" -Star

WhosStarrrzz (3/20/2022, 12:42:57 AM)

"im throwing this eye of cthulhu away" -Chris

JJ8 (3/20/2022, 12:28:15 AM)

"Does that dog have chicken pox?" -jazz

WhosStarrrzz (3/20/2022, 12:23:53 AM)

"Chris you hand me that beer right now! your grounded. go to your room" -jazz full ver

WhosStarrrzz (3/19/2022, 11:36:22 AM)

"Chris you hand me that beer right now!" -Jazz

JJ8 (3/19/2022, 12:38:11 AM)

"im too surrounded by lava" -aron

Applearon (3/18/2022, 10:50:35 PM)

"oh its spiders? les go burn em all" -aron

WhosStarrrzz (3/16/2022, 9:56:45 PM)

"This just in, fog went amog and, eghulehei" - My brain

AngryApe1829 (3/16/2022, 9:30:56 AM)

"what's a lemon?" -star

Applearon (3/15/2022, 10:43:56 PM)

"Let there be light. That's, uh... God. I was quoting God." - Wheatley

AngryApe1829 (3/14/2022, 9:42:01 PM)

"I expected my kirby characters to passionately make out when they ate a cherry" - Failboat

AngryApe1829 (3/14/2022, 1:46:02 PM)

"YOOO, the guhgubba" - Failboat

AngryApe1829 (3/14/2022, 1:34:56 PM)

"youre acting stupid, like you are" -advisory teacher

crawfish (3/13/2022, 10:23:39 PM)

"I was very happy when I didn't see any fire" -NileRed

Applearon (3/13/2022, 2:49:45 PM)

"YOOOOO The Bacchinkey tho" - My brain

AngryApe1829 (3/12/2022, 12:07:42 PM)

"Aron has a tablet! I'm only using my finger!" -Ryan

Crazi (3/11/2022, 10:10:23 PM)

"There are two people on top of me in my bed" -Ash

Crazi (3/11/2022, 10:10:06 PM)

"That sounded like a woman"

  • Justin
Crazi (3/10/2022, 10:45:35 PM)

"You know what would be good enough? 2 inches" -one of my classmates

Applearon (3/10/2022, 4:59:02 PM)

“because you’re addicted to drugs” - my spanish teacher

ghostie (3/10/2022, 9:59:30 AM)

Mark n' Dark -Rad Fathi

JJ8 (3/9/2022, 6:56:28 PM)

"The L's are constant" -Dr. Dykshoorn

Applearon (3/9/2022, 9:47:03 AM)

you dare question my motives, youtube video??? -Aron

Aquatic (3/8/2022, 8:43:50 PM)

"Look even scale model litter, shameful" - Dr.Doofenshmirtz

AngryApe1829 (3/8/2022, 7:40:35 PM)

i reject your reality and I substitute my own -Aron

Aquatic (3/8/2022, 5:53:48 PM)

"like an a-hole" - chris

ghostie (3/7/2022, 7:56:54 PM)

"I love weed... cat; but fire croc is better" -Ash

Applearon (3/7/2022, 12:13:35 PM)

ash is dead. wooooooo -star 2022

AngryApe1829 (3/5/2022, 10:26:03 PM)

"splendid" -wordle

JJ8 (3/4/2022, 9:06:10 PM)

"as sad as it is, it'll get sadder" -Econ teacher right before giving us a test

Applearon (3/4/2022, 2:00:14 PM)

"I used all the cells in my brain and I still couldn't understand what you wrote" -My Math teacher roasting us

Applearon (3/2/2022, 6:41:43 PM)

"the apple is so DAMN iuicy" -Mark

Applearon (3/2/2022, 12:08:37 PM)

"I'm still getting DM's and comments from people saying "they remember"..."

  • A Manga World That Gets One Page once a Year
Crazi (3/1/2022, 8:49:43 PM)

"Seriously, the internet is terrifying!"

  • A Manga World That Gets One Page once a Year
Crazi (3/1/2022, 8:48:53 PM)

"I haven't seen people skip in years. That's so exciting" -Ms Joffe

Applearon (3/1/2022, 4:53:32 PM)

“an epic adventure to fertilization”- the video my biology played

ghostie (3/1/2022, 12:31:59 PM)

" environmental damage" "ohh who the hell cares" -Discourse between a student and teacher

Applearon (2/28/2022, 9:46:31 AM)

"Having cancer is cringe" - Aron

AngryApe1829 (2/26/2022, 10:28:28 PM)

"it all began on the day of my actual birth both of my parents failed to show up" - Heinz Doofenshmirtz

AngryApe1829 (2/26/2022, 2:48:46 PM)

"Surprise Motherchucker" - RTGame

AngryApe1829 (2/25/2022, 9:55:14 PM)

"Mario will hurt you, unless you pay him. He's either on your side or he's against you" - RTGame

AngryApe1829 (2/25/2022, 9:03:18 PM)

"We kicked a kid, United"

  • United (L.A.O.S Remix)
Crazi (2/25/2022, 8:56:42 PM)


AngryApe1829 (2/25/2022, 8:18:32 PM)

"You are the future... Sadly."

  • My chem teacher
Crazi (2/25/2022, 6:21:29 PM)

"let's see if it has delta or omicron energy" -My french teacher

Applearon (2/25/2022, 11:22:18 AM)

"tomorrow we will be choosing partners and making offspring with them!" -Someone's Biology teacher

Applearon (2/24/2022, 10:01:43 PM)


AngryApe1829 (2/24/2022, 9:26:17 PM)

"I bought the white one because racism" -Seshpeguin

Applearon (2/24/2022, 7:40:13 PM)

"or else shes gonna shove chopsticks up my a-" - chris

ghostie (2/23/2022, 8:41:07 PM)

"across the broad spans of history there have been millions and millions of idiots. As well as a handful of smart people." -John Oliver

JJ8 (2/22/2022, 10:06:57 PM)


JJ8 (2/22/2022, 10:03:23 PM)

"I'm sure about everything. Now lube up those engine gears with more kerosine, MORE KEROSINE!" - Grunkle Stan

AngryApe1829 (2/22/2022, 9:16:17 PM)

"tau rad" -Seshpenguin

Applearon (2/22/2022, 8:57:41 PM)

"Your face is good. I'm a Soos" - Soos

AngryApe1829 (2/22/2022, 6:05:00 PM)

"gayometry" -Dr. Dykshoorn

Applearon (2/22/2022, 10:14:43 AM)

"sir i am a certified ||retard||, not a chemist" -a friend

Applearon (2/21/2022, 10:03:29 AM)

"I can buy and sell you old man" - Lil' Gideon (he's a baby boi)

AngryApe1829 (2/20/2022, 4:09:38 PM)

"There we go, nice and condescending" - Wax Sherlock Holmes

AngryApe1829 (2/20/2022, 3:09:18 PM)

"back then I used to have a melodica... AND NOW I HAVE A NEW TAX WRITE-OFF keytar intensifies" -Alpharad

Applearon (2/19/2022, 9:52:51 PM)

"Its just a door stop, everybody has them." -Two star

Aquatic (2/19/2022, 6:05:52 PM)

"time as we know it actually started on October 22nd 1884" -Half as Interesting

Applearon (2/19/2022, 1:07:25 PM)

“you’re actually eating a little donkey with beans” - my spanish teacher

ghostie (2/18/2022, 9:58:29 AM)

"After that we bought the rocket launcher from the BIG PIANTA" - Alpharad

AngryApe1829 (2/17/2022, 7:25:01 PM)

"His balls just got springtrapped, can I say that?" - 8-BitRyan

AngryApe1829 (2/16/2022, 6:24:48 PM)

“I believe all British people should die and I stand with this statement” - Pidge/Mason/Loers

oogity (2/16/2022, 7:56:30 AM)

that is How do the cool kids say Incredibly based -aron

Aquatic (2/14/2022, 11:15:08 PM)

"The soft loud" - Ryan

AngryApe1829 (2/14/2022, 10:22:40 PM)

"canada is worthless" -Totally Aron

Applearon (2/14/2022, 9:46:32 PM)

"i feel as useful as the p in raspberry" - another guy

ghostie (2/14/2022, 6:43:48 PM)

" i feel like the possibilities of all these possibilities being possible is just another possibility that can possibly happen" - random guy

ghostie (2/14/2022, 6:42:16 PM)

"I am an infinite mass. AAAAaaahhhhh" -my brother

Applearon (2/14/2022, 5:48:44 PM)

"CRA be knocking at your door" -My Economics teacher

Applearon (2/14/2022, 2:06:34 PM)

“bro do you know what she is she’s a devil worshipper bro” - the guy behind me

ghostie (2/14/2022, 12:56:12 PM)

“it’s just like a murder scene girl you gotta clean up the evidence” - kailtyn

ghostie (2/13/2022, 2:25:29 PM)

"She may be 3D, but she has a 2D soul" - Daru

AngryApe1829 (2/12/2022, 9:02:31 PM)

“ this is never gonna give you up dedicated to you samantha” - a guy in my choir

ghostie (2/10/2022, 11:15:07 AM)

“mucho eyebrows” - a guy in my spanish class

ghostie (2/10/2022, 9:40:48 AM)

“it’s a b word, a very common b word” - my bio teacher

ghostie (2/9/2022, 12:37:30 PM)

"Another kid of lamb deboned" -Tasting history

Applearon (2/8/2022, 10:23:56 PM)

"You are inquitable"

  • Ash
Crazi (2/8/2022, 10:03:13 PM)

"shes crying laughter " - ash

ghostie (2/8/2022, 9:23:59 PM)


  • Aron
Crazi (2/8/2022, 9:10:41 PM)

"21 falls into the pit of despair. I call that grade 12"

  • My chem teacher
Crazi (2/8/2022, 3:06:02 PM)

"I don't know if you know what pidgeons are" -Dr Dykshoorn

Applearon (2/8/2022, 10:01:01 AM)

“Shut up b—- it’s THINKING TIME!!!” - Nagito Komaeda

AngryApe1829 (2/7/2022, 10:12:51 PM)


AngryApe1829 (2/7/2022, 9:43:27 PM)

"Look, the problem with anime is..." -My brother

Applearon (2/7/2022, 7:59:47 PM)

"ants are thicc" - kurtisconner (a yt guy)

ghostie (2/7/2022, 4:19:47 PM)

"Don't make me send you to rehab for TeachAssist"

  • My chem teacher (Literally day one... What.)
Crazi (2/7/2022, 2:51:33 PM)

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees. And the trees are speaking Vietnamese. -flash back Lorax

Aquatic (2/7/2022, 10:15:16 AM)

"What! OH MY GOD, IT'S A STOP SIGN! Finding Nemo, gold fish, Dory... NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, GOD DAMNIT!"

  • RyuK
Crazi (2/6/2022, 10:38:10 PM)

"When you wish upon a star you're too late. That star is dead. Just like your dreams."

  • I actually don't know who originally said that.
AngryApe1829 (2/6/2022, 7:58:23 PM)

"Take a spoon and place it on your vaccination spot. GUESS WHAT?! It will STICK to you!"

  • Some person at a school board meeting (Courtesy of Penguinz0)

Video title: Karen Angry About Spoons

Crazi (2/6/2022, 1:31:36 PM)

" Begun, the apple wars have" -???

JJ8 (2/4/2022, 9:38:49 PM)


  • Justin
Crazi (2/4/2022, 6:08:18 PM)

"Do not worry we ductaped the plane before we left" -Thatkrazybanana

Applearon (2/3/2022, 4:51:10 PM)

"My m16 is a white shovel, and my pump-shotgun is a blue one"

  • Justin
Crazi (2/3/2022, 4:28:49 PM)

"oh no where did my aim go, it went adios" - justin while dueling aron

ghostie (2/3/2022, 4:06:38 PM)

||"Ansel is the longest man on Rhodes Island. He's got got the longest di-... Healing range..."||

Crazi (2/3/2022, 12:33:47 PM)

"Ugh i'm turning into vape juice" - Mephiles

AngryApe1829 (2/2/2022, 9:55:08 PM)

"This is Ash in his natural habitat" *Ash just wheezing (Literally dying)

  • Ryan + Ash
Crazi (2/2/2022, 9:44:39 PM)

"yo socrates it's a f---ing cookie" - jakeenglish

AngryApe1829 (2/2/2022, 8:37:39 PM)

"ooh the rain delicious" - Ice Cream Sandwich

AngryApe1829 (2/2/2022, 6:05:31 PM)

Style is always necessary -commander frog

Aquatic (2/1/2022, 2:10:04 AM)

Did you ever die, just to flex on a medical professional? -docincredible

Aquatic (2/1/2022, 12:56:00 AM)

"Secrets of Eternity was released in January 2015. This set introduced the Infernoids, a series of monsters that can Special Summon themselves to the field by banishing other Infernoids from either the hand or graveyard. Notable cards in set include Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, Qliphort Monolith, Uni-Zombie, Nephe Shaddoll Fusion, and a card that would bolster Satellarknight to combat the Burning Abyss Shaddoll meta, Stellarknight Constellar Diamond. In this series, both Nyhmnim and myself will be opening 24 booster packs or 1 box of a core Yu-Gi-Oh! booster set. We will build a deck and play a best 2 out of 3, and the winner will receive a small prize to upgrade their deck. HOWEVER! Each episode, we will open another box of the next set that was released moving in chronological order, constantly upgrading our decks before dueling each other at the end of each episode. This is the Yu-Gi-Oh! Progression Series."

  • Discord

Original link if anyone is curious:

Crazi (1/31/2022, 5:43:17 PM)

"Would you like to see that groovy thing?" - Black Sabbath

AngryApe1829 (1/31/2022, 5:20:00 PM)

arson is cringe -aron

Aquatic (1/31/2022, 3:21:13 PM)

"Oh god, the tiger needs head..."

  • Ash (Might be wrong, but close enough)
Crazi (1/30/2022, 11:37:35 PM)

"everyone gangsta until Ghengis khan starts annihilating people in hypixel build battle" -Ash, as quoted by justin

Applearon (1/30/2022, 11:36:52 PM)

"I can hear the footprints!"

  • Ash
Crazi (1/30/2022, 11:09:30 PM)

"mama mia i have die-aria - ash

Applearon (1/30/2022, 9:58:51 PM)

"Chris is mentally unfit to play Minecraft" -Jazz(Me)

JJ8 (1/30/2022, 8:55:29 PM)

"Personally, I think self improvement is overrated" -Gamechamp3000

Applearon (1/30/2022, 8:52:37 PM)

"yo, poggers, dead children" -chris

WhosStarrrzz (1/30/2022, 8:45:44 PM)

"We just arrived on the moon and we already have nepotism from philza minecraft" - Wilbur Soot

AngryApe1829 (1/30/2022, 5:54:58 PM)

"aww dammit i'm not ready for a double battle my PP is smal-, is running out, it's so low sips water" - SmallAnt

AngryApe1829 (1/30/2022, 12:02:12 AM)

"oh no scoob, looks like we're trapped, rwEEEEE, AAwEEEE." -Ash

JJ8 (1/29/2022, 11:45:42 PM)

"My brain is too smooth your insults slide right off" -Jazz (Justin)

Applearon (1/29/2022, 11:14:44 PM)

you're pretty based. you're pretty based too. -techno and tubbo

Aquatic (1/29/2022, 10:53:58 PM)

The man, kills his father, kidnaps his child, refuses to elaborate further. He is on that sigma grind set -technoblade

Aquatic (1/29/2022, 10:13:41 PM)

"i hate applearon" -AngryApe1829

Applearon (1/29/2022, 10:11:48 PM)

tubbo, you are so unbelievably based -technoblade

Aquatic (1/29/2022, 10:05:16 PM)

"Bubbles are like people, you chase them, they die. You wait, they die. They escape waiting and touch the ground, they die" Chris

WhosStarrrzz (1/29/2022, 9:43:32 PM)

"I'm gonna teach the devil to whip and nae nae" -Ghostie 2022

Applearon (1/29/2022, 9:16:25 PM)

"Oh please with your buck teeth and your oversaturated fats" - Markiplier e

AngryApe1829 (1/29/2022, 1:56:56 PM)

"Ahh god dang it I gotta stop threatening people with a good time" - Markiplier e

AngryApe1829 (1/29/2022, 1:22:08 PM)

"you riding around in a damn trapezium, mf triangular prism. You got the cyberpunk 2077 glitchmobile, yo wheels about to clip through asphalt, you driving a damn decepticon, you gonna be on the highway, and that will transform. Yo s*** looks like it runs on bitcoin. You gotta solve the quadratic formula to park that @&#$. How you got bullet proof windows on aluminum foil?"

JJ8 (1/28/2022, 11:13:46 PM)

"rest in peace aron, he will not be missed" -Ryan

JJ8 (1/28/2022, 10:35:48 PM)

"Running actually did him good, SCAM" - Aron

AngryApe1829 (1/28/2022, 10:05:18 PM)

killed like 5 gods but that smileeeeee -Aron

Aquatic (1/28/2022, 9:21:38 PM)

"huge purple bald dude" - justin

ghostie (1/28/2022, 6:18:28 PM)

"me n my dawgs always go on the quintuple black diamond" -My classmate

JJ8 (1/28/2022, 5:08:37 PM)

“you’re not being loud, BE QUIET” - my math sub

ghostie (1/28/2022, 2:26:24 PM)
Applearon (1/28/2022, 1:30:10 PM)

ahem let us thank science for this meal -person

Aquatic (1/28/2022, 1:22:54 PM)

"yogi bear, you should speak in yu-gi-oh" -Ash

JJ8 (1/28/2022, 1:12:49 PM)

“i don’t know what it tastes like, it tastes like mushroom” - the guy who sits next to me

ghostie (1/28/2022, 12:44:10 PM)

"How's my little tampon wrapper" - Wilbur Soot

AngryApe1829 (1/28/2022, 11:39:38 AM)

"kill the PC over and over and it dies? what? shocking" -Random Youtuber

Applearon (1/28/2022, 9:41:08 AM)

"wait black mail WHAT" - Aron

ghostie (1/27/2022, 9:36:41 PM)

"and this other ugly person" -Ghostie (when refferring to someone in a book)

Applearon (1/27/2022, 9:03:39 PM)

congration. you done it. -cake on the internet

Aquatic (1/27/2022, 5:18:08 PM)

existance peaked with the Paleozoic Era horseshoe crab -mark

Aquatic (1/27/2022, 1:47:38 PM)

brain as smooth as the cpu -Aron

Aquatic (1/27/2022, 11:20:05 AM)

"I was supposed to dodge out of the way because she's blind" - Markiplier E

AngryApe1829 (1/26/2022, 10:22:32 PM)

"Oh no my sucky wucky" - Quackity

AngryApe1829 (1/26/2022, 10:17:37 PM)

"leap of faith!" dies"

WhosStarrrzz (1/26/2022, 9:50:31 PM)

"I just set the Daily Bugle on fire."

  • Star "That's pretty good!"
  • Aron
Crazi (1/26/2022, 9:44:46 PM)

"yes, I am in fact a gremlin, what are you gonna do about it?"

  • Star
Crazi (1/26/2022, 9:38:24 PM)

"Spray Alvin, spray like you've never sprayed before" - Simon the Chipmunk

AngryApe1829 (1/26/2022, 7:52:51 PM)

if all women are shirtless in public, boobs wouldn't be a delicacy anymore -a certain person(that is not me)

Aquatic (1/26/2022, 4:06:21 PM)

"I don't know how to draw pants..."

  • Ryan
Crazi (1/26/2022, 3:31:27 PM)

“i have crabs” - girl sitting next to me

ghostie (1/26/2022, 1:29:48 PM)

"So the door doesn't door?" - Markiplier E

AngryApe1829 (1/26/2022, 1:25:19 PM)

"welcome to physiks, AHHHH HOLY MOTHER OF" -Random college girl

JJ8 (1/26/2022, 1:24:30 PM)

"i actually have aids" -my friend

JJ8 (1/26/2022, 1:13:48 PM)

“ i got ptds fr” -another hallway guy just now lol

ghostie (1/26/2022, 12:56:40 PM)

“That’s not even a word and I agree with ya!” - Mr.Krabs

AngryApe1829 (1/26/2022, 9:48:57 AM)

"I got a bottle of Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whisky in the pantry" -Me

JJ8 (1/26/2022, 1:46:01 AM)

-"I need some Vodka" -Me

JJ8 (1/26/2022, 1:43:58 AM)

"xop dot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.pdf"

  • Ryan
Crazi (1/25/2022, 11:00:36 PM)

"I am once again, asking for your sand"

  • Ryan (Not an actual quote, but I thought it was funny)
Crazi (1/25/2022, 9:14:48 PM)

"I'm proud of you babe" - obama

AngryApe1829 (1/25/2022, 8:56:52 PM)

"exotic beBerage" - quackity

AngryApe1829 (1/25/2022, 8:54:05 PM)

"the queen can find another venter" - quackity

AngryApe1829 (1/25/2022, 8:39:22 PM)

"what am i working for if i don't get sloppys in return" - quackity

AngryApe1829 (1/25/2022, 8:37:56 PM)

"sometimes i go up to strangers and start venting like among us" - quackity

AngryApe1829 (1/25/2022, 8:36:08 PM)

"All in a hard day's week" -Atwell

Applearon (1/25/2022, 7:10:56 PM)

"The archer class is really full of archers..."

  • Rin Tohsaka
Crazi (1/25/2022, 5:52:39 PM)

"Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right!"

  • Shirou Emiya
Crazi (1/25/2022, 5:51:42 PM)

"People die when they are killed"

  • Shirou Emiya
Crazi (1/25/2022, 5:51:00 PM)

"It's not frames per second, it's seconds per frame"

  • some guy on the internet
Crazi (1/25/2022, 4:43:06 PM)

“i don’t need ||bitches|| i need riches you feel” -random guy walking the hallway

ghostie (1/25/2022, 3:46:14 PM)

"You already have all the things you need to beat it" "The power to believe in myself?" "Noooo. A KNIFE! Stab it!"

  • SAO Abridged
Crazi (1/25/2022, 3:07:36 PM)

||"A quantum super computer, calculating for a thousand years, could not even approach the number of fucks, I do not give."||

  • SAO Abridged
Crazi (1/25/2022, 3:04:02 PM)

||"Squad f, for fucks sake, STOP PLAYING BEJEWELD!"||

  • SAO Abridged
Crazi (1/25/2022, 2:34:19 PM)

"Balls!" -Ash at lunch

Applearon (1/25/2022, 11:51:29 AM)

"Paranoia is the key to successful science" -My Chem teacher

Applearon (1/25/2022, 10:49:07 AM)

"Notice I'm not screaming" -My Chem teacher

Applearon (1/25/2022, 10:42:35 AM)

"im a fucking senior home bro" -Me

JJ8 (1/25/2022, 9:40:04 AM)

"Wait. That's illegal!"

  • Red vs Blue
Crazi (1/25/2022, 8:59:38 AM)

"its not a house without terroism" -chris

WhosStarrrzz (1/24/2022, 10:57:27 PM)

A -mark

Aquatic (1/24/2022, 10:45:08 PM)

"There are so many relationship goals" - Me

AngryApe1829 (1/24/2022, 10:23:11 PM)


  • Ash
Crazi (1/24/2022, 10:21:12 PM)

"dang bro thats crazy" -Jazz

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:20:47 PM)

"There is a proper technique to breathing, believe it or not"

  • Ryan
Crazi (1/24/2022, 10:19:21 PM)

"dont forget to breath" -Cow

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:17:08 PM)

"<:MeiMeiChill:861331261620355143> "

WhosStarrrzz (1/24/2022, 10:12:41 PM)

"The Elen titan... MAN"

  • Ash (again)
Crazi (1/24/2022, 10:12:24 PM)

"Like a bantha" - Boba Fett

AngryApe1829 (1/24/2022, 10:10:22 PM)

"im makin mac n cheese, AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME" -Christopher

WhosStarrrzz (1/24/2022, 10:10:17 PM)

"Whoa, Whoa... Lois, This Is Not My Batman Glass." -Peter griffin

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:09:19 PM)


WhosStarrrzz (1/24/2022, 10:09:02 PM)

", it goes with soup"

WhosStarrrzz (1/24/2022, 10:08:47 PM)

"Gobble Gobble ||Mother Fuckers||"

AngryApe1829 (1/24/2022, 10:07:11 PM)

"NoBoDy CaN JuSt DoDgE tHe EmErAlD sPlAsH"

  • Kakyoin
Crazi (1/24/2022, 10:07:05 PM)

"technically killing is wrong, but i mean it is" -some guy off internet

WhosStarrrzz (1/24/2022, 10:07:01 PM)

"This is serious everybody in uganda knows KUNG FU"

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:06:54 PM)

“Don't gobblefunk around with words.”

ghostie (1/24/2022, 10:06:53 PM)

"you donut" -Gordon Ramsay

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:05:38 PM)

"Mugen train: donut vs basketball" -my friend Landon

WhosStarrrzz (1/24/2022, 10:04:34 PM)

"One of them looks like Elen Degenerate"

  • Ash
Crazi (1/24/2022, 10:04:23 PM)

“For medical reasons I no longer have a gender. I identify as a threat.”

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:04:11 PM)

"all my labourers are dead"

  • Alvin
Crazi (1/24/2022, 10:04:01 PM)

"No way, that guy came from your hole!"

  • Alex
Crazi (1/24/2022, 10:03:42 PM)

“Jesus was a midwesterner.”

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:03:42 PM)

"Life is a soup, I am a fork."

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:03:07 PM)

“It is only when a mosquito lands on your testicle will you truly understand the meaning of solving a problem without violence.” - Random Guy on YouTube

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:02:04 PM)

"you can teach a man to fish but you can’t teach a fish to man "

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:01:45 PM)

"When I order pepeloni, it always have a pepeloni... on a top... But I pick up these... AWAY! Cuz I don't hear it. Then I eat the cheese pan pizza."

  • Haachama
Crazi (1/24/2022, 10:01:45 PM)

"If I can turn water to wine, I can turn your mom to mine" -Jesus Christ"

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 10:01:07 PM)
Applearon (1/24/2022, 10:00:15 PM)
Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:59:13 PM)
JJ8 (1/24/2022, 9:59:00 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:55 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:46 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:42 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:38 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:27 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:24 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:18 PM)

"Know your place, TRASH" ||- Filthy Frank||

Crazi (1/24/2022, 9:58:17 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:13 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:10 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:06 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:58:01 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:57:58 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:57:54 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:57:52 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:57:47 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:57:44 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:57:39 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:57:34 PM)

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:57:27 PM)

"Water in the fire. WHY?!? WATER IN THE FIRE WHY!?!?!?"

  • Korone
Crazi (1/24/2022, 9:56:40 PM)

"Lemme get a boneless pizza" -Baku

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 9:55:19 PM)

"It's course, rough.. and... It gets everywhere"

  • Anakin Skywalker
Crazi (1/24/2022, 9:54:59 PM)

"I don't like sand" -Anakin skywalker

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 9:54:27 PM)

"It's over Anakin, I have the high ground" -Obi-Wan Kenobi

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 9:54:13 PM)

I can milk you TRUE -Ash

Applearon (1/24/2022, 9:53:55 PM)

"I can milk you" -Markiplier

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 9:53:41 PM)

-Winston Churchill

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 9:52:06 PM)

"Sir, you're drunk!" "Yes, Madam, I am. But in the morning, I will be sober and you will still be ugly."

JJ8 (1/24/2022, 9:51:53 PM)


  • Ash
Crazi (1/24/2022, 9:50:34 PM)

The French have finally lost the battle against the Big Mac - The Guardian For 200 years People that use Twitch: Twitchers From trash I was born to trash I will return Deforestation. Woohoo! - Star Did you touch your brush with your teeth, or did you brush your teeth? - My dad SINGING KILLED MY GRANDMA OKAY?!!! I’m gonna osu the orphans to death - Mark "Nobody has used perl within the last 11 years. It's still in the last decade!" - Aron Ravikumar Out, out, damned Spotify! - Richard Stallman “Have a bacon roll you c—“ - The Guardian Fun is not fun anymore - The Funny Internet Man "It's only probably murder" - Ryan I still have the urge to say AIDS - Ash A hot knife through butter - For Reference “Ya like jazz” - Barry Benson The Bee "Have you seen the covid graphs? We flattened the curve in the wrong axis!" - Technoblade

AngryApe1829 (1/24/2022, 9:47:08 PM)

Despite the promise of info, I was unable to determine what, if anything, a ‘butt-onion’ is supposed to be I’m Caucasian without the Asian I’m just Cauc My heart is hearting Spaghetti is tasty - Aron Deaths are sort of permanent - My Coding Teacher If you yeet one thing that has been yoted the yeet gods will help you - some person Sleep is like a free trial of death Society peaked when gamecube had tiny discs - Obama, I think Yee, and I cannot stress this enough, HAW OW, heat was hot Jumping Jahovajames, that’s a Simtar he’s got Chips ahoyeth, landlubbers - Rouxls (it’s pronounced rules) Kaard If you’re going to come back to life, why bother dying? Mom, you and dad both work so hard, so for you mom, I got you this new iPhone 12. And Dad, let me help you with these chairs A word is worth… a thousand molecules. WANG I ALREADY KILLED YOU… TO DEATH YOU HAD, A DEAD SNAKE, NEXT TO THE BAGLE BITES?!?! Mayonnaise on an escalator, it’s going upstairs to see ya later Earl Beatry Public School has no balls. No seriously. Well, no hard balls anyway. School > females

AngryApe1829 (1/24/2022, 9:46:58 PM)

The Senate should be abolished Hey man, it’s not an insult, just an observation ||FLOOR TENTACLES, LENDETH ME THY POWERS TO DESTROY THIS DOOR|| You have school shootings … Dang straight Zoinks! It’s the Gay Blade If fish can live underwater, then so can I. (Drowns) I'm gonna be sitting in the electric chair while WALL-E watches I like instigating things We're about to witness a bride kidnapping Don’t be racist, I am a building How did I commit suicide?! I didn’t even want to! Am I really going to defile this grave for money? Of course I am. You’re tasting a bite of that every bite When you play the movie, and it has to be at 3AM, supposedly Elmo will come to life With Scott being pulled out of hyperdrive, Stan Lee enters the building One can only be as swag as he desires Hakuna your own matatas The names Buster, Buster Nut You think about Coke, it’s a software. You wanna make sure to suck out all of these delicious head juices Jesus has nothing to do with you almost hitting me with your car The pedestrian has the right of way, So does Jesus Christ had his way but they still crucified him The same stable Jesus said that the biggest problem we had in the revolutionary war, is we didn’t have enough airports - Joe Biden I’m dope and phat and fly right? It’s not cuul to juul in schuul - American Hero I thought cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water You either see the saw or get long enough to see your saw get seed Racism is not - Aron 2021 Hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon

AngryApe1829 (1/24/2022, 9:46:47 PM)